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Faculty in Residence for Sustainability

The Faculty in Residence for Sustainability reports to the Provost of the University. The primary responsibilities include promoting sustainability across the curriculum to faculty, raising awareness of SJSU sustainable practices and achievements to the SJSU community, improving sustainability literacy of students, and providing a place to go for students who are interested in becoming more sustainably focused.


About Bill DeVincenzi

Bill has a two-decade history with SJSU and the local business community through his teaching, fundraising, and community work.  He has been a strong sustainability advocate since 2004. On a more personal note, he explains, “Sustainability is my passion in life right now and it will be for the rest of my life.” In addition to giving numerous presentations and implementing projects promoting sustainability and global understanding for the past ten years, Mr. DeVincenzi founded and raised funds for the long-standing and well-regarded Sbona Honors Program and Thompson Global Internship program in the College of Business. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to SJSU, William was named the 2008 Outstanding Lecturer for San Jose State University.

A personal message from Bill:


FIRS Advisory Board

  • Nicole Angiel - Aceterra
  • Mary Dube - HP
  • Joe Flores - City of San Jose
  • Tom Kabat - NP Boards
  • Dashiel Leeds - Sierra Club
  • Faith Legendre - Consultant
  • Stef Miller - Climate Bus Working Grp
  • Carolina Robertson - SAP
  • Tonya Veitch - Santa Clara County
  • Pauline Vogl - Cisco
  • Bill Weihl - Climate Voice