Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Dual Enrollment describes simultaneous enrollment in high school and college courses. In most cases, students will receive both high school and college credit for a dual enrollment course. In this way, dual enrollment courses are similar to Advanced Placement courses; however, unlike Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment courses do not culminate in a high stakes exam. Students earn college credit through their course grades. San Jose State University offers two types of dual enrollment courses: Step To College (STC) On Campus and Unitrack.

Step to College (STC) On Campus

STC On Campus gives individual high school students the opportunity to register for available seats in lower division SJSU courses. Students are required to work with a counselor, teacher, or administrator at their high school to confirm that the course they select is appropriate to their level of attainment in the field and that they have met the course prerequisites.


Unitrack allows high schools to offer SJSU classes at their own sites with their own teachers.

Please visit the Dual Enrollment FAQ page for additional information or email your question(s) to dualenrollment@sjsu.edu.