Transfer Students

I am a current student. What are my next steps?

  • Review the Steps to Graduation publication to guide you along the way through graduation.
  • Check the university calendar for enrollment appointment dates and final exam schedules.
  • Sign in to your MySJSU student account to:
    • See your enrollment appointment
    • View any registration holds;
    • Review your MyPlanner;
    • Register for courses;
    • Pay fees (or ensure that Financial Aid will cover those fees);
    • Review your records for accuracy; and,
    • Review your MyProgress.

How do I learn more about my major and minor program?

I need help. What do I do?

Articulation of Transfer Credit

San José State University has transfer course agreements with over 130 California public colleges and universities. SJSU articulation agreements are formal agreements between a transfer campus and SJSU. They define how courses completed at a transfer school can be used to satisfy a requirement at SJSU. 

Visit the for current articulation agreements. View our Frequently Asked Question page sections on Articulation and Transfer Credit.

Associate Degree for Transfer

ADT = AA-T or AS-T Degrees

California community colleges offer pathways to the Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) resulting in either an Associate in Arts (AA-T) or an Associate of Science (AS-T). The purpose is for a smoother transfer to the California State University system. Transfer Students complete courses aligned with degree requirements and specific majors at the CSU.

The ADT is a result of Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act - the STAR Act - in California Senate Bill 1440. For more information on the STAR Act in SB 1440 see Resource Guide. View Degree Roadmaps for AS-T and AA-T students via MyRoadmaps.

California Promise

The California Promise is a program established through California Senate Bill 412 to facilitate graduation in four years for freshmen, and two years for transfer students. Learn more about the program on the California Promise page in the MyRoadmaps Catalog.