Immigrant Week of Action

What is Immigrant week of action?

Students and allies are invited to participate in our Immigrant Week of Action by attending presentations and engaging in direct actions that advocate for immigrant rights. 

This campaign gives us an opportunity to bring awareness to the diverse experiences of immigrant communities at SJSU, our shared history, and to stand in solidarity with our friends, neighbors, peers, and all immigrants who continue to drive our country forward. Learn more about the various ways you can participate and engage with us during this week.

Flyer for Immigrant Day of Action on October 28 from 11 am to 2 pm on 7th street plaza.

How to participate in the week of action

  •  Attend programming that focuses on educating audiences on issues that impact diverse immigrant communities
  • Engage with us on Social Media! Use our social media toolkit to choose how you would like to engage online during the week of action.
  • Engage in active University campaigns that support immigrant communities
    • A.S. Operation Helping HandsAssociated Students (A.S.) alongside the Afghan Student Association are working to raise funds for the international crisis going on in Afghanistan and Haiti. We are donating to humanitarian relief organizations CORE Response and Literacy and Love (partnered with the Iman Foundation).

Additional Ways to Support Immigrant Communities 

  • Contact your representative. Let them know what issues are important to you and what you would like them to do to advocate on those issues.  
  • Stay informed about the ongoing changes to immigration policies and how they impact diverse communities. Visit our policy resources landing page to access a list of organizations that provide updates on current immigration topics. 
  • Volunteer your time to support organizations or groups that are directly supporting immigrant communities.
  • If you can, donate to organizations that depend on community support to provide direct resources to immigrant communities.
  • Share resources and information with others. You never know who can benefit from the information you share. 

Staying in the know:

Are you interested in learning more about different immigration issues/ campaigns? Would you like to know where to get information about ways that you can support? Check out the following resources:

Interview with Spartan Sabiduría Podcast


Flyer of Podcast recording with Centro, USRC, and Immigrant Legal Defense. The Future of Immigration under a new administration

Episode 1- The Future of Immigration Under a New Administration (October 22, 2021)

In collaboration with Ana Navarrete, director of the Undocu Spartan Resource Center, and Barbara Pinto, attorney at the Immigrant Legal Defense, we engage in conversations surrounding the future of immigration in the U.S. as we transition to a new presidential administration. This podcast was first recorded early 2021, and a part 2 will be coming out this academic year with updates. 

Download episode 201 (.mp3)

Please feel free to reach out to the USRC if you have any questions or would like to get connected with additional resources.