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Graduate School Support for UndocuSpartans

Life After College Consultant Office Hours

Schedule an online appointment with our Life After College Consultant, Juan Ruiz, M.A., to get tailored information and support on:

  • Funding graduate school resources
  • Navigating graduate school
  • Personal statements
  • Generating income options

Please note that consultation hours are limited. 

Contact Juan Ruiz via email at  or reach out to the USRC with any questions. 

Flyer [pdf]

UndocuGrad Workshop Series Fall 2021

In Fall 2021, the USRC invites scholars to attend any of our three UndocuGrad to learn more information about graduate school. Here you will find the recordings and the resources that go along with the presentations. 

UndocuGrad 101: Humanities, Social Sciences, & Law 


UndocuGrad 101: Science, Tech, Engineering, & Marketing Programs

Recording coming soon

Funding Graduate School 

Slides and Handouts
Presentation: UndocuGrad 101 Humanities, Social Sciences, & Law (11/5) [pdf]
• Presentation: UndocuGrad 101: Science, Tech, Engineering, & Marketing Programs (11/12) [pdf]
• Funding Graduate School as an Undocumented Scholar (11/19) [pdf]
• General Example of Graduate School Application Timeline [pdf]
• Example of Grad School Wishlist - blank copy [pdf]
• Template Example To Organize Grad School Application Timelines [pdf]
• Example When Requesting Letters of Recommendation [pdf]


Graduate School Resources 

We have compiled a number of resources for undocu scholars who are thinking of pursuing graduate school, and for those who are currently enrolled.  Access information about SJSU graduate studies programs, information on navigating graduate school, financial resources, and life after college.

SJSU Graduate Studies 

Navigating Graduate School

Professional Licensing 

Financing Graduate School

Life After College 

Check our list of professional networks in our Community Resources page.