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The CHRS Project Team recently asked you to complete a CHRS Readiness Assessment and received an abundance of feedback - thank you! Your feedback is incredibly valuable and I hope to address some of it in this email.

More information can be found on the CHRS @ SJSU webpage including a robust FAQs page that may answer some of your questions. You can also email with any questions or concerns.

First and foremost, what is CHRS and why are we doing it?
CHRS stands for Common Human Resources System. This is a new PeopleSoft Human Resources database that all CSU campuses will begin using over the next few years. SJSU is an early adopter and will begin using it in July 2022. Instead of each CSU campus having their own PeopleSoft HR database (currently known as SJSU @ Work on our campus), this will be one database used by the entire CSU system.

There are several benefits to moving to a consolidated system such as consistent processing and reporting on every campus, reduction in dollars spent on database hardware and maintenance, improved processes for many functions, and a decrease in the amount of time it takes for the entire CSU system to upgrade and implement new functionality.

I recommend watching the video Why CHRS?, produced by the Chancellor’s Office, to get a better feel for what’s coming.
How does it impact me as a faculty member?
Most faculty will only use the self-service functions in CHRS. These include reporting and approving time and absence, updating your personal data, and updating benefits information. Department Chairs & Directors may also approve temporary faculty transactions at times. Training will be offered to ensure understanding of any new or updated processes. This will not change anything you do in MySJSU.

What is the impact to student employees?
Student employees will enter their hours worked in the new system in a similar fashion as they are entered now. Some students may have additional access in the system depending on their role, and training will be offered to ensure understanding of new and updated processes.

Is this the same thing as CHRS Recruiting?
Yes and no. CHRS is the overall system and includes both the consolidated PeopleSoft system (CHRS) and the CHRS Recruiting system (PageUp). When we say CHRS, we are referring to the PeopleSoft system. We will always say CHRS Recruiting when referring to PageUp. The two systems are connected and data flows between them, but they are two separate things.
General Project Update
Finally, I’d like to provide a general update of how the project is progressing. Our project team is currently reviewing security to ensure our employees will have the access they need in the new system. Access may not be identical to what you have now, but we will ensure you can still effectively do your job. The team is also reviewing the functionality of the system in detail which will help identify changes and how those changes will impact our employees.

Earlier this month, Overview and Q & A sessions were held with several key groups on campus: MPPs, Department Chairs & Directors, and College and Department Contacts. These sessions were designed to provide more detailed updates, give sneak peaks of the system, and give employees an opportunity to ask questions and get them answered immediately. Similar sessions will be held throughout the project for these and other groups of employees. Watch your email for invitations and please attend when you are able.

Again, thank you for your feedback. This project won’t succeed without you and we take your comments and concerns seriously.
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Last Updated Oct 26, 2023