Person of Interest

Persons of Interest (POIs) are non-employees who have a relationship with the University and need a campus ID, email address, etc. This form is to be used by campus departments to request that University Personnel create or update a Person of Interest. These POIs may be employed by another entity (e.g. consulting firm, Chancellor's Office) but are doing work on campus (or remotely); they may also be individuals who are not working on campus but need an ID for access to buildings and/or systems (e.g. housing residents, camp attendees).

Do NOT use this form for the appointment types below as there are separate processes in place.

All POIs must be in compliance with the CSU's COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Policy. POIs who access campus facilities/locations are required to provide proof of vaccination status before coming to campus. University Personnel will manage the collection of this information. POIs who are not accessing campus are not required to provide this proof. However, should their status change and they are required to access campus, they will be required to provide this proof.

For questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions about POIs page. For further assistance, please email

Steps to Appoint/Onboard a Person of Interest

  1. Communicate with the POI that they will be required to attest to their vaccination status and may be subject to a background check per CSU policy
  2. Initiate the Person of Interest form [DocuSign]
  3. When the fully signed and approved form reaches the UP Volunteer Appointments team they will contact the POI to collect their social security number
    1. The DOB and SSN are required by the CSU Chancellor’s Office in order to prevent the creation of duplicate records in the database
  4. The UP Volunteer Appointments team will key the POI appointment into PeopleSoft and finalize the form
    1. Departments are NOT responsible for POI entry
  5. A copy of the approved and signed form is sent to the initiator and all other parties and is confirmation of appointment completion

Note: If you need to inactivate a POI prior to the originally stated end date, email with the Name, Employee ID, Department Name, and the New End Date. Please indicate Early Termination in the subject line.

Additional Information