Domestic Visiting Scholars

The department will review the qualifications of the applicant (i.e., current CV, transcripts for qualifying degree). Domestic Visiting Scholars must provide authorization to work in the United States. A background check will be required if employees performing the duties are normally subject to background checks.

Departments, colleges,or units that wish to host a Domestic Visiting Scholar should follow these steps:

  1. The designated department staff will submit the Domestic Visiting Scholar Appointment Form in DocuSign. Department staff will need to upload the scholar's CV, transcripts, and invitation letter. (Distinguished Visiting Scholars will require Provost’s letter).
  2. The DocuSign form is routed for approval of the faculty sponsor, department chair/program director, and dean/appropriate administrator (MPP).
  3. University Personnel Leaves Management Team reviews and approves for vaccination clearance.
  4. The Senior Director, Faculty Services reviews and approves for eligibility and determines if a background check or LiveScan check is required.
  5. University Personnel will wait for background check or LiveScan check results in order to approve or deny the request.
  6. University Personnel Volunteer team will key in the scholar appointment into PeopleSoft and approve the form. (Departments are not responsible for POI entry).
  7. A copy of the approved and signed form is confirmation of appointment completion.

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