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Our Lab

In the Wang lab we study how allosteric interactions and conformational dynamics fine tune the substrate specificity of enzymes

SIRT1 structure

Our Favorite Protein

We are studying the conformational dynamics of SIRT1, a lysine deacetylase with more mysteries than answers!

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Our Great Team

Join our dynamic research group where we welcome people from all backgrounds!

Mission Statement

As a lab, we welcome passionate scientists regardless of your background, beliefs, identity, or what planet you come from. We will not discriminate based on your race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities, or any other differentiating factors. We commit to creating a safe space for people in our lab to have equal standing. Our mission is to foster an inclusive and positive community of scientific learning and exploration through strong collaborations. Querer es poder! 知识就是力量! ہمت نہ ہارو !