Fall 2020 Admits: FAQs

Who is eligible for the free class offer?

All new undergraduate first-year and transfer students who enrolled (part-time or full-time) in the Fall 2020 semester at SJSU or have an approved Leave of Absence are eligible for the free intersession class offer. 

When do I need to redeem my free class offer?

First year students must use their free class offer within 4 years; transfer students must use it within 2 years.  

When can I take the free class?

Students can take their free intersession class in either Winter or Summer sessions, starting in Winter 2021. Faculty led programs are not elgible for this offer. 

What if I defer enrollment to Spring 2021 or Fall 2021? Can I still take the free class later?

No, if you deferred enrollment you do not qualify for the free class offer.  

Can I use my free offer if I've been disqualified?

No, students must maintain continuing student status at San José State in order to use their free class offer. 

Can I take a class that is more than 3 units?

Yes. You may use this offer for Winter or Summer session classes with more than 3 units. For courses with a lecture and lab component (e.g., Physics 2A) the offer may be used to cover both components if taken together in the same session.  

Can I use this offer for any type of class?

This offer applies to undergraduate SJSU courses offered in Winter or Summer session. Students must meet any course prerequisites. The offer is not applicable to graduate level courses.  

Does this offer cover only online courses?

No, this offer applies to any undergraduate course offered in Winter or Summer session, any teaching format (online, in-person, or hybrid). 

How do I enroll in my free class?

Registration will be handled by the Undergraduate Advising & Success Center (UASC). Check your MySJSU for a message from the UASC.

What if I drop the free class after it starts? Can I use the offer for another class?

Students who drop a course before the deadline for that session may retain the free  class offer for use at a future intersession. If the course is dropped after the drop deadline, the  offer cannot be reused for another course in the future.

Does this offer cover all tuition and fees? 

This offer covers tuition and mandatory fees associated with ONE Winter or Summer session course. If you take more than one course in the same session you will be responsible for the tuition and fees associated with the other course(s).

How does this offer affect my financial aid?

Using the free intersession course offer should not affect a student’s financial aid  package or eligibility. Note that financial aid is not available for the Winter session. Students must take a minimum of 6 units in Summer session to be eligible for most types of financial aid. A free course taken in Summer will count toward the 6 unit minimum enrollment requirement.  

What if I leave SJSU and return later? Can I use the offer then?

Students are allowed to “stop out” for one semester without penalty. Students who leave the university for two semesters without an approved leave of absence, or are disqualified, will need to apply for readmission and will not be able to use this free class offer.  

Can I use this offer for a discount on my fall or spring tuition instead?

No, the free class offer is only valid for an intersession (Winter or Summer session) class taken at SJSU.  

Can I use this offer at another CSU campus?

No, the free class offer is only valid for an intersession (Winter or Summer session) class taken at SJSU.  

Can I give my free class offer to another student if I don’t plan to use it myself?

No, the free intersession class offer is only available for new undergraduate first-year or transfer students who enroll and complete the Fall 2020 semester at SJSU. The free class may not be transferred to any other student. 

How do I add an additional class?

For any additional class students want to add, they may do so themselves through MySJSU. Registration for additional classes will be the same as regular students enrolling in Summer Session. Please refer to the registration webpage for general students.