Picture of a tutor and a tutee in a drop-ins session at Clark Hall.

NOTE: In-person services are currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit our "Ask a Tutor" live chat page for more information about virtual drop-in options.

Swing by for a 15-minute drop-in tutoring session--no appointment required--at our location in Clark Hall 126. Tutoring help is available on various writing topics such as citations, thesis statements, conclusion paragraphs, quick grammar questions, and much more. Our front-desk staff will help you get set up for your drop-in session. 

How do I reserve a drop-in session? 

Drop-ins cannot be booked in advance. They are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis at our location in Clark Hall 126. When you arrive, check in with our front-desk staff. 

What can I expect when I meet with my tutor? 

Your tutor will begin by asking you some questions to set a brief agenda for the session. You will let the tutor know what you need assistance with, and they will then focus on that area during the session. Tutoring is a collaborative process, so you will have a dialogue with the tutor throughout the session. You will read your writing aloud, and they will explain concepts about writing to help you improve. You will take notes, brainstorm, and make suggested changes throughout the session. Come to your appointment prepared to learn and engage with your tutor. At the end of your time together, the tutor will recap what you covered and provide you with some concrete steps to move forward. The main difference between a drop-in session and a full-length appointment is the limited time and scope of what you can address--come prepared with some focused questions that can be addressed by the tutor in a brief timeframe. 

What are the tutoring hours for drop-ins? 

Our hours for drop-in tutoring sessions (in Clark Hall 126) are Monday-Thursday, 10:00-3:00.

How many drop-in sessions can I have in one day?

You may have one 15-minute drop-in session per day. Extended time for drop-in sessions is available if you have accommodations for extended tutoring time from the AEC or if you are a graduate-level student working on a large-scale project.

Do you have any other writing resources that I can use before/after my drop-in session?

We have 100+ homegrown handouts created by our writing tutors. They have gone through a proposal process and multiple revisions with Writing Center staff. Use these handouts to supplement your tutoring sessions or your class materials. In addition to homegrown handouts, we also have video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Additionally, we have a resource library in Clark Hall 126--feel free to work in our space before or after your session and use these resources for your own self-study. 


What is the cancellation policy? 

Since drop-ins aren't scheduled in advance, they also cannot be canceled. When it's time for your drop-in to begin, the tutor will begin the session with you as long as you are present in the Center and ready to go. 

When you have a tutoring session at the Writing Center, you agree to our policies. Please read the Writing Center policies and procedures.