Writing tutors are available to support students for shorter, 20-minute slots on campus at the Writing Center in the MLK Library. They are available to answer any quick questions you have about writing. They will still engage in a dialogue with you--similar to a regular tutoring appointment--but the time is much more limited. The scope of your question has to be narrow enough that a tutor can help you with it within the timeframe of about 15-20 minutes. 

If you want more extensive help, then the tutor will direct you to schedule a tutoring appointment.

For more details, view our informational video about drop-ins.

What can I expect when I meet with my tutor?

The main difference between a drop-in session and a full-length appointment is the limited time and scope of what you can address--come prepared with some focused questions that can be addressed by the tutor in a brief timeframe.

You should bring a printout or electronic copy of the work you would like to review to your drop-in. The drop-in will not involve any Zoom or shared screen activity. We highly recommend bringing the essay prompt or assignment sheet. 

For drop-ins, the writing tutor will not be able to provide a follow-up email to your professor. This is due to the short duration of the drop-in and schedule limits. If you would like a follow-up email sent to your professor regarding a tutoring session, please book a full-length tutoring appointment. 

By registering for a drop-in, you understand and agree to our Writing Center policies posted on our website. 

How many drop-ins can I have?

Students may have one drop-in per day. Drop-ins can be in addition to scheduled tutoring appointments. (e.g., You can have one scheduled tutoring appointment and one drop-in session on the same day.) 

How do I book a drop-in?

Visit our Appointment Help page for instructions on how to book a drop-in.