Unlock Endless Career Opportunities

The Department of Accounting and Finance is highly competitive for a reason. We offer students a relevant financial education through four undergraduate concentrations, Masters programs in Accounting and Taxation, and a new Masters program in Finance.

Accounting Concentration

If you love numbers, problem solving, and technology, an accounting concentration could be for you! Learn more about this program, which classes you will take, career opportunities, student organizations, and more. 

Accounting Information Systems Concentration 

AIS is an exciting field that merges Accounting and Information systems. Learn more about this concentration, what courses you can expect to take, career prospects, and more. 

Corporate Accounting and Finance Concentration

If you have aspirations to be a leader of a firm, or if you enjoy analyzing the success of projects and companies, you should consider a concentration in Corporate Accounting. Learn more about this exciting field and how you can pursue this program. 

Finance Concentration

A concentration in finance is ideal for students who are interested in learning how to raise capital, manage funds, and make sound investment decisions. Take a look at what you'll learn, career prospects, and other important resources.

Accounting Concentration, BS + Accountancy, MS (Accountancy SAGE Program)

The Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Accountancy Program enables qualified students in the BSBA Accounting to complete requirements for both the baccalaureate and master’s degrees at the same time. Students progress from undergraduate to graduate status seamlessly, with a simplified application process and no application fee. Students complete both degrees in less time than if completing them separately, providing significant cost savings.

Masters of Science in Accounting

This is a unique one-year graduate cohort experience for students who have an undergraduate degree in areas other than accounting. The MSA program prepares you for a diverse and in-demand career in accounting, finance, corporate management, and public or financial management. Potential careers include CPA, Managing Partner, Certified Management Accountant, Personal Financial Planner, Tax Accountant, Controller, or CFO, but this degree prepares you for nearly anything in the business world.  

Master of Science in Taxation

This degree is designed to provide individuals with the conceptual understanding and sound technical knowledge needed to compete in the ever-changing tax world. This degree is appropriate for accounting majors looking to complete the 150 hours necessary to become a CPA as well as for individuals already employed in public accounting, corporate tax departments, law practices, or government service.

Masters of Science in Finance

The SJSU Master of Science in Finance program provides you with a world-class curriculum taught by cutting-edge, experienced finance faculty. You'll take advantage of the interactive courses, flexible schedule, and a network of top-tier students in the Silicon Valley which enable you to enhance collaboration and learning experience. Visit the program page to learn more.

Honors Programs

Not only do our honors programs give students access to networking opportunities, on-the-job work experience, and three units of credits, they're also an excellent way to build up your resume. Learn more about the eligibility requirements and how to apply on our dedicated page.