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American Beethoven Society Executive Board, in honor of Mallory Olson (1/2011)
Beethoven image by Bernard Naudin

Anonymous, in memory of Dr. Franz Carl Jahoda
(b. Vienna, Austria 9/16/1930, d. Santa Fe, NM 6/21/2012):
Pallavicini Palace in Vienna

Jeff Anderson (12/2011):
Beethoven image by Paul Leyendecker

Julie A. Amsden (7/2017):
Original programs from the 19th century (COMING IN EARY 2020)

Lorenz Arfsten, in honor of Oluf & Christine Arfsten (9/2012):
Helenenthal near Vienna
Theater an der Wien

David von Aspern (4/2011):
Beethoven in the country by Julius Schmid

Brian Bagnall (9/2010):
Anonymous portrait of Beethoven
Portrait of Beethoven by Alex. Schindler
Engraving of the Razumovsky Palace
Engraving of the Lobkowitzplatz

Poundie Burstein (8/2011):
Color engraving of the Battle at Wagram, 1809

Amy Carr-Richardson in honor of Cecilia Richardson (1/2013):
Entrance to the Augarten in Vienna

Ellis M. Chernoff:
Vienna: View from the Biber bastion (6/2012)
Vienna: Looking across the Glacis (6/2012)
Mödling (4/2014)

Dr. Michael Condie in memory of Mildred Hall, his high school piano teacher (6/2012)
Beethoven by Max Wulff

Dr. Paul Ellison (9/2016):
Engraving of Vienna
Engraving of Beethoven with Goethe

Carl Fehlandt (9/2010):
Beethoven in the Storm by Schweninger

John N. Fiske, in memory of Stephen B. Fiske (12/2010):
The castle at Mödling near Vienna engraved by Alex Marx

A Eugene Fisler, Jr. (12/2012):
Baden near Vienna

Philip John Flook in memory of Sarah Flook (5/2014):
Engraving of Beethoven

Marsha Frauenthal, in honor of Dr. Richard L. Sogg (8/2010):
Beethoven composing the Moonlight Sonata by Lorenz Vogel
Beethoven's first meeting with Mozart by August Borckmann

John E. Gardella, M.D., in honor of Prof. Carl J. Fehlandt
Lithograph of Beethoven

William and Shirley George, in memory of Lt. Col. Harry F. Cocciola, USAF (4/11:)
Map of the Austrian Empire
Map of Gaul
Map of Lower Austria
Map of Vienna and environs
Map of Vienna
Map of Vienna and environs
Map of Germany
Map of Europe after the Congress of Vienna
Map of battles near Vienna in 1809
Map of Vienna and environs in 1789

Dale J. Goldmann (12/2010):
Beethoven in Mödling by Hirschenhauser

James Green (2/2014):
Portrait medallion by Radnitzky
Beethoven plaque by Lafleur
Portrait medallion by Coutin
Portrait medallion by Dropsy
Portrait medallion by Focht
Portrait medallion by Focht
Portrait medallion by Reményi
Portrait medallion by Mendes

Robert G. Haller (11/2013):
Engraving of Beethoven's home in Vienna

Ellsworth Hall (5/2014):
Portrait lithograph of Beethoven

Gavin Holt (12/2012):
In memory of Doris (Delia) Carmichael, "my loving grandmother, who first introduced me to this great man:"
Portrait of Beethoven based on portrait by Decker
Portait of Beethoven by August von Kloeber

Jann Holwick (9/2016):
Color engraving of the Pasqualatihaus

Lane Jimison, in honor of Dr. and Mrs. William George (7/2010:
Portrait of Beethoven based on the engraving by Neidl

Susan Kagan (8/2013):
In memory of Gerald Kagan: Portrait of Ferdinand Ries

Robert W. Ketchum (1/2013):
Concert program, April 7, 1827

Kathy Obert
In honor of Dr. Hanns-Bertold Dietz (9/2010):

Portrait of Beethoven by Karl Bauer
In memory of Msgr. Ignatius D. McDermott, Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Charities (2/2011):
Photograph of Wilhelm Backhaus with autograph quotation from Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto
In memory of Emil Vandes (9/2010):
Portrait of Beethoven by Junker
Portrait of Beethoven by Batt
In memory of George Bliss, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune (9/2011):
Portrait of Beethoven by Ferdinand Schimon
In memory of Jascha Heifetz (her inspiration as a young violinist) (11/2011)
Beethoven conducting the Razumovsky Quartet by A. Borckmann
In honor of Christoph von Dohnányi (12/2012)
Engraving of Baden near Vienna
In honor of Pope Benedict XVI, "a pianist who loves the world's great music" (6/2014)
View of Vienna In memory of Fritz Reiner (12/2014)
Schönbrunn Palace In memory of Marlee Glodzik Dietz (8/2015)
Engraving the High Market in Vienna

Dominique Prevot (9/2010):
Portrait of Beethoven by Desmaisons
Portrait of Beethoven by Masson, Deblois and Massard

Robert Rountree:
Portrait of Beethoven by Reyher (11/2010)
Portrait of Beethoven by Schimon (11/2010)
Portrait of Beethoven by Gellert (11/2010)
Portrait of Beethoven by Dake (12/2012)
Engraving of Vienna by Carl Schütz (12/2012)
Original program of the Philharmonic Society from 1840 (12/2012)

In memory of Dean Smith Jr.:
Portrait of Beethoven by Beliani (11/2013)
Portrait of Beethoven by Franzen (11/2013)
Original program of the Leipzig Gewandhaus from 1841 (11/2013)
Texts for a performance of Beethoven's music in Copenhagen in 1824 (11/2013)

James Rygelski (11/2010):
Portrait of Beethoven in the meadows

Harry Sandler (2/2011):
Portrait of Beethoven with poem

Dr. Richard L. Sogg (7/2010):
Portrait of Beethoven by Binenbaum
Portrait of Beethoven by C. Fischer
Portrait of Beethoven by Krausse
Portrait of Beethoven by Lyser
Portrait of Beethoven from Das Pfennig-Magazin
Portrait of Beethoven by Ohürmer
Portrait of Beethoven by Reyner
Portrait of Beethoven by Tejcek
Image of Beethoven at the piano by Oppler
Portrait of H.L. von CollinPortrait of Gellert
Portrait of Goethe
Portrait of Haydn
Portrait of Haydn by Schiavonetti
Portrait of Tiedge
Baden, near Vienna
Bonn, Ruins of Godesberg
The Danube near Vienna
Heiligenstadt, St. James Church
Rauhenstein bei Baden

Patricia Stroh (7/2010):
Portrait of Beethoven by Tejcek

Robert Supencheck (10/2013):
Concert program from 1825
Concert program from 1826

Frederick Thompson (12/2010):
Portrait of Beethoven by Schlösser

Rosemary Thorne (2/2011):
Photograph of Hans von Bülow with autograph quotation from Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata

Louis Vargo:
Engraving of Nussdorf (8/2011)
Portrait of Beethoven by Mayer (8/2013)

Alex Wang, in honor of Mr. Hans Boepple (4/2011):
Portrait of Beethoven at the piano by Moritz Rödig

Mary Ann Whitehurst, in honor of Dr. William Meredith (9/2017):
New acquisitions (coming in March 2020)

Nancy and Ken Wiener (9/2010):
Engraving of the Lobkowitz Palace and St. Augustine Church
Engraving of the Theatre an der Wien

Phoebe Wise in memory of Nathan Daniel Allender (6/2012):
Vienna: View of the Burgtheater