Launch Your Career

Now that you've explored different career paths and built experience, you're ready to launch your career. While this is considered the final phase in your career development journey, it’s by no means the end!  Career development is a lifelong process and you can apply the explore, build, launch model as you continue to grow and develop at SJSU and beyond. Launching your career involves developing your professional brand and sharing it with mentors, networks and future employers.  

We’ve created the following career guides to help you:

  • Develop your professional brand
  • Write strong resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Successfully navigate the job & internship process
  • Master the interview process
  • Explore graduate school options

Select the guide that meets your current needs, review the examples and best practices, and then schedule an appointment with your career counselor to plan the next steps in launching your career!

Job/Internship Search Guide

This guide covers: Starting Your Search | Networking with Employers | Preparing Your Professional Pitch | Attending Job/Internship Fairs & Info Sessions | Utilizing LinkedIn | Conducting an Informational Interview

Click here to view the Job/Internship Search Guide [pdf].

Start your job and internship search with SJSU Handshake, which has thousands of internships, on-campus jobs, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

Resume/Cover Letter Guide

This guide covers: Resume Basics | Resume Samples (By Interest Area) | Writing Accomplishment Statements | Using Action Verbs | Identifying Transferable Skills | Online Resume Review (VMock) | Applicant Tracking Systems | CV vs. Resume | Cover Letter Basics | Cover Letter Sample | Reference List Basics

Click here to view the Resume/Cover Letter Guide [pdf].

Get your resume started with VMock, a resume building tool that gives instant feedback and targeted analytics to help you make a solid first impression.

Interviewing Guide

This guide covers: Interviewing Basics | Big Interview | Types of Interviews | Common Interview Questions | Behavioral, Situational, and Difficult Questions | Interview Attire | Interview Etiquette | Thank You Notes | Negotiating an Offer

Click here to view the Interviewing Guide [pdf].

Practice your interviewing skills with Big Interview, which has interview questions by industry and tips on how to answer common interview questions. 

Applying to Graduate School Guide

This guide covers: Exploring Graduate School | Types of Graduate Degrees | Researching Graduate School | Application Requirements

Click here to view the Applying to Graduate School Guide [pdf].

Graduate Student Guide

This guide covers: Types of Opportunities for Graduate Students | How to Find Opportunities | Utilizing LinkedIn | SJSU Handshake | In-Person Networking | CV vs. Resume | Interview Preparation

Click here to view the Graduate Student Guide [pdf].

Career Coaching

Stay on track by following Your Roadmap to Career Success [pdf]. For more help, meet with a career counselor