Directions to Main Campus

Main Campus: One Washington Square, San José, CA 95192

South Garage: Corner of S. 7th and E. San Salvador Streets

West Garage: Corner of S. 4th and E. San Salvador Streets

North Garage: Corner of S. 10th and E. San Fernando Streets


Visit the Parking Services website for additional information about parking options, drop-off areas, permits and day passes, regulations, mobile apps and more. 

Note that all three campus parking garages often fill up to capacity by 8:00 a.m. and remain full until 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. To avoid the traffic and challenges with finding parking on the main campus, SJSU offers a free, daily shuttle to the South Campus Garage on the corner of S. 10th St and E. Alma Ave. 

Parking is available for guests and visitors at all garages. Visit the Parking Services website for details.

Public Transportation

Situated in the heart of downtown San José, SJSU benefits from the densest concentration of public transit in Santa Clara County.

Paying for Public Transportation

San José State University offers discounted transit passes and allows transit users to load cash value onto physical Clipper Cards through the Associated Students Transportation Solutions office. Students, faculty and staff have access to the VTA SmartPass which offers unlimited rides on VTA buses and light rail. Visit the Transportation Solutions website for full details.

Clipper Card

Clipper is the Bay Area's all-in-one transit fare payment card that can be used for all of the region's transit agencies. Visit the Clipper website for details. The card can be used physically to 'tap' for fare payment or loaded onto smartphones for contactless payment on the Bay Area's buses and trains. Note that payment of fares occurs before getting on trains either at turnstiles (BART) or on train platforms (Caltrain, VTA) and fare payments are made once boarding a bus. Longer VTA buses allow back door boarding for Clipper Card users only; use front doors for all other VTA bus services.

New cards can be purchased from the AS Transportation Solutions office for $3.

Public Transit Near Campus

The main campus is served by the following Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus and light rail lines:

San Fernando and 7th Street - northern edge of campus

  • VTA 72: Downtown San José to Monterey Highway and Branham Lane via McLaughlin Avenue
  • VTA 73: Downtown San José to Monterey Highway and Branham Lane via Senter Road
  • Santa Cruz Metro Highway 17 Express: bus service to Santa Cruz, CA with stops in San José (SJSU and Diridon Station)

10th Street and San Antonio Street - eastern edge of campus

  • Eastbound VTA 73

San Carlos Street and 10th Street - eastern edge of campus

  • Eastbound VTA 72

Santa Clara Street and 5th Street - one block north of campus. Board at this stop for all westbound buses and for buses to Diridon Station - and beyond. Board across the street at Santa Clara and 6th Street (closest to City Hall) for eastbound buses.

  • VTA 22: local bus service between Palo Alto Transit Center and Eastridge Transit Center; various stops in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto.
  • VTA 522: express bus service between Palo Alto and Eastridge (east San José)
  • VTA 500: express bus service between Diridon Station and Berryessa/North San José BART Station
  • VTA 23: local bus service between De Anza College and VTA Alum Rock light rail station via Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • VTA 523: express bus service between Lockheed Martin Transit Center (Sunnyvale) and Downtown San José via Stevens Creek Boulevard.
  • VTA 64A: local bus service between McKee and White (east San José) and Ohlone-Chynoweth light rail station via Lincoln Avenue
  • VTA 64B: local bus service between McKee and White (east San José) and Almaden Expressway and Camden Avenue (Almaden Valley, San José) via Meridian Avenue
  • VTA 66: local bus service between North Milpitas and south San José
  • VTA 72
  • VTA 73

San Antonio VTA Light Rail Station - one block west from campus across from the Hammer Theatre Center. Board here for south and westbound trains and buses and board at San Antonio and 1st Street for northbound trains and buses.

  • VTA Blue Line: light rail between Santa Teresa Station (south San José) and Baypointe Station (north San José)
  • VTA Green Line: light rail between Winchester Station (Campbell, CA) and Old Ironsides Station (Santa Clara, CA)
  • To get to Levi's Stadium from downtown San José:

Getting to Campus from the Airport

To reach San José State University from San José Mineta International Airport:

  1. Go to the bus boarding islands/platforms outside Terminal A or Terminal B. These bus stops are in the median of Airport Boulevard, immediately outside the terminals.
  2. Board a VTA 60 bus bound for Milipitas Station.
  3. Tap a Clipper Card on board the bus to pay the fare. Learn how to pay for fares using Clipper.
  4. Request a stop and disembark the bus at the second stop after leaving the airport: 1st Street and Metro Station.
  5. Cross the street to the westernmost street median platform and wait for a VTA Blue or Green Line southbound train. Southbound Blue Line trains will show Santa Teresa Station as the terminal stop on signs; Green Line trains will display Winchester Station. Tag/tap physical Clipper Cards or Clipper mobile payments at card readers on the train platforms to pay fare before boarding trains. 
  6. Ride the light rail train to San Antonio Station in downtown San José.
  7. Walk one block east to campus along the Paseo de San Antonio.

This trip will take approximately 40 minutes and cost $5.00.

Getting to Campus from Transit Hubs

Diridon Station

Diridon Station is an important regional hub for intercity bus and rail service. Visit each transit agency's website for details on schedules, fares and service.

Caltrain commuter rail connects San José to the rest of Silicon Valley and extends up to San Francisco with daily local and express service. Visit the Caltrain website for more information. Fares and travel time vary based on destination and the type of train service taken.

Amtrak also serves the station with routes to Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Seattle and beyond. Visit the Amtrak website for more information. Fares and travel time vary based on destination and the type of train service taken.

Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) trains connect San José with Stockton. Visit the ACE website for more information. Fares and travel time vary based on destination.

To reach campus from Diridon Station take any of the following options:

  • VTA 64A, 64B, or 500: board at these buses' respective bus bays adjacent to the station and disembark at Santa Clara and 6th Street, then walk one block south along 6th Street to SJSU.
  • VTA 22 or 522: board at Santa Clara and Montgomery (across from the SAP Center) and disembark at Santa Clara and 6th Street, then walk one block south along 6th Street to SJSU.
  • These bus trips take approximately 10 minutes and cost $2.50.

Berryessa/North San José BART Station

Berryessa BART Station is a metro train station linking north San José with many other parts of the Bay Area. Take the 500 bus bound for Diridon Station and disembark at Santa Clara and 5th Street, then walk one block south along 6th Street to SJSU. This trip takes approximately 15 minutes and costs $2.50.

Note: BART does not yet reach or serve downtown San José and SJSU. Use VTA's 500 bus for service to Berryessa BART Station in north San José to commute to Oakland, San Francisco or any other station served by BART.

More Information

Visit San José's Public Transportation webpage for more information or call 408-924-7433 for details on specific routes.


Last-mile connectivity and personal transportation provided through small mobility devices are helpful, affordable and sustainable methods of transport to and from the main SJSU campus. Visit for full details on campus policies.

BayWheels Bike Share

BayWheels by Lyft is the Bay Area's public bike share system with docking stations located conveniently along the entire main campus perimter. BayWheels bikes may be ridden to and from campus but they cannot be ridden on campus or parked anywhere except the designated docking stations.

Electric Scooters

E-scooters can be found throughout downtown San José. They must be parked on curbs along the campus perimeter and cannot be parked or stored on campus grounds. Get more information.

Personal Bicycles

Learn more information about bicycle commutes and campus use from Associated Students Transportation Solutions.