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CS151, Object-Oriented Design, Section 1, Spring 2023

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Design of classes and interfaces. Object-oriented design methodologies and notations. Design patterns. Generics and reflection. Exception handling. Concurrent programming. Graphical user interface programming. Software engineering concepts and tools. Required team-based programming assignment.

Course Objectives

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

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These are the BSCS Program Outcomes supported by this course:

Course Topics

Topics Weeks
Object-Oriented Design Process2
Interface Types, Polymorphism, Lambda Expressions, and GUI programming 2.5
Design Patterns 2.5
Inheritance and Abstract Classes2
The Java Object Model - Java Type Systems, java.lang.Object class, Serialization, Reflection, and Generics3
Concurrent Programming 2
Total 14

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CS151 Object-Oriented Design, Spring 2023: Semester Schedule

Subject to change with fair notice at least one class period in advance. Students will be notified in class and/or via course web site should any changes occur.
Week Topics Assignments
1 Introduction to CS151
1 Object-Oriented Design Process
2 Object-Oriented Design Process
2 Object-Oriented Design Process
3 Object-Oriented Design Process
3 Object-Oriented Design Process
4 Interface Types and Polymorphism
4 Interface Types and Polymorphism
5 Interface Types and Polymorphism
5 Interface Types and Polymorphism
6 Interface Types and Polymorphism
6 Interface Types and Polymorphism
7 Lambda Expression
7 Patterns and GUI Programming
8 Midterm I
8 Patterns and GUI Programming
9 Patterns and GUI Programming
9 Patterns and GUI Programming
10 Patterns and GUI Programming
10 Inheritance and Abstract Classes
11 Inheritance and Abstract Classes
11 Inheritance and Abstract Classes
12 Inheritance and Abstract Classes
12 Midterm II
13 The Java Object Model
13 The Java Object Model
14 The Java Object Model
14 Concurrent Programming
15 Concurrent Programming (Last Day of Instruction)
Final Exam Section 1: Wednesday, May 17, 7:15-9:30 AM
Last Updated Sep 13, 2023