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ECI's Multidisciplinary Collaborative

With the support of SJSU’s Division of Research and Innovation, ECI was awarded a Level Up Grant to bring together an interdisciplinary team of SJSU faculty with a shared vision to promote equitable access to inclusive early learning and care. 

Jihyun Lee, SJSU Faculty

Dr. Jihyun Lee, Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Lee has a commitment and appreciation for the field of Adapted Physical Activity and Education. She has worked to create new knowledge regarding how to promote physical activity for children and youth with disabilities, through effective strategies and understanding of variables associated with their physical activity. She has been involved in research projects targeting children with and without disabilities for their social and gross motor development. Through this research, she has learned the importance of understanding variables both within a child and in the child's environment, and how those variables affect a child’s development. She believes in the importance of holistic development of children during early childhood, including early intervention.

Julie Sliva Faculty

Dr. Julie Sliva Spitzer, Mathematics & Statistics, College of Science

Dr. Spitzer is a Mathematics Educator whose research interests focus on the teaching and learning of mathematics for special needs learners. Her current work involves preparing undergraduate students to teach mathematics and providing professional development for K-12 teachers. She believes providing high quality learning experiences for young children is essential for their development. 

Seung Ho Chang

Dr. Seung Ho Chang, Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Seung Ho Chang is an Associate Professor and Physical Activity Program Coordinator in the Department of Kinesiology. His research agenda focuses on two complementary areas: Motor Development and Physical Education Teacher Education. His primary research area is motor competence and physical activity of disadvantaged preschoolers with developmental delays. His second line of research is to identify the types of teachers’ content knowledge (CK) and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and how CK and PCK play a significant role in promoting students’ fundamental motor skills in physical education class.