Featured Faculty

Periodically, I interview and feature a faculty member teaching courses in Jewish Studies.

Dr. Ryan Skinnell, professor in the English department, has added a new course to his Topics in Rhetorical Analysis series (ENGL 157)--The Rhetoric of Hate, to be taught for the first time Fall 2024 (T TH 3-4:15).

Rokhl Kaffrisen taught JWSS 111: Special Topics in Jewish Studies: Yiddish History and Culture, Fall 2023 (MW 12-1:15). It is a CSU Fully Online synchronous course, also available through Open University. Going forward, it will become the Area V GE course: HIST 118: Yiddish History and Culture.

Dr. Greg Tomlinson teaches the Area V course HIST 136: World Jewish History (currently running Spring 2024).