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Meet Our Team

The MEP Team is here to help guide computer science, and engineering students towards success. You can get to know our expert faculty and staff and view their contact information below.

Mathew Stowe PortraitMathew Stowe
MEP Director




JanethJaneth Canseco
Student Engagement Advisor                              



CharlieCharlie Nino
Peer Advisor - BS, Mechanical Engineering




margarita portraitMargarita Garcia
Peer Advisor - BS, Biomedical Engineering




ShirleyShirley Antonio Arriaga
Peer Advisor - BS, Industrial Sytems Engineering




DianaDiana Knobler
Peer Advisor - BS, Biomedical Engineering




portrait of leticiaLeticia Nuñez
Peer Advisor - BS, Civil Engineering



portrait of kathy tongKathy Tong
Peer Advisor - BS, Chemical Engineering




AlexAlexander Shapiro 
Peer Advisor - BS, Computer Engineering




SophiaSophia Sorensen
Transfer Advisor - BS, Computer Science




TaraTara Hyde
Transfer Advisor - BS, Electrical Engineering




NatalieNatalie Lewis
Peer Assistant Coordinator - BS, Aerospace Engineering




NikNikhil Menon
Peer Assistant Coordinator - BS, Civil Engineering




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