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Susanna Khavul Dr. Susanna Khavul
Professor, School Director


Welcome to the School of Management in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business!

The School of Management (SOM) is a large and friendly department that is home to approximately 50 faculty members and 1,350 majors in Management and Human Resource Management undergraduate concentrations. 

We teach more than 200 classes per year across undergraduate, MBA, and Professional MBA and other graduate business programs, which include certificates and specialized industry master’s degrees.  Our courses span from organizational behavior, organizational theory, business, government, and society, to a large portfolio of human resource management courses, and includes the capstone strategic management course taken by every graduating senior in the Lucas College of Business. We offer a unique Honors Program and lead the college in business case competitions. We are also the home of business law and ethics in the college which is taught by practicing legal professionals. 

Our tenure and tenure track faculty maintain robust research programs and regularly publish in high quality journals across business, management, and the social sciences.  We value innovative, rigorous, and relevant research that contributes to knowledge and practice. 

Our lecturer faculty bring a wealth of industry experience in consulting, organizational development, human resource management, law, international business, finance, leadership and strategic management. All faculty engage in extensive outreach with the business community. 

We are the home of two university centers: Institute for People and Performance and GLAC: Silicon Valley Leadership Innovation Center. The Institute for People and Performance advances knowledge of human capital management, through a combination of training, research, and engagement with industry and professional organizations, and preparing professionals for their SHRM certification. We actively engage with Silicon Valley management, human resource, and innovation professionals as well as their organizations. 

Companies that hire SoM graduates
 Companies that hire SoM Graduates

Student Testimonials

Without a doubt, the best part about SJSU are the professors. Let Jashan Grewal tell you why.

As a transfer student, Brian's advice is to check out the Jack Holland Student Success Center within the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.

As an international student, SJSU is opening up a lot of opportunities, experiences and networking opportunities for Nimratdeep. 

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