Mobile First

The new templates were designed "mobile first." Web analytics show regular growth in the percentage of people visiting with mobile devices. It's important to optimize now for what will be come the most common experience in the future.

Modern Typography

The first, and loudest, complaint we got with the old template had to do with the difficult-to-read font size and style. The update incorporates the new SJSU Spartan typeface and follows industry best practices regarding readability and usability across varying device sizes.

New Navigation Menus

Any page on your site can be the first page someone encounters. It's important that when they navigate around, the tools available to them are easy to understand and easy to find.

One of the biggest problems with nav menus in the old design was how difficult it was for staff to keep them up to date and accurate. The new menu is both capable of more while being easier to update than before.

Revamped "Homepage" Template Option

The previous design relied on a non-compliant and often poorly-used slideshow as its biggest visual commmunications tool. The new alternative features a number of different components that allow for a variety of uses for images.

New Content Page Functionality

People have been asking for interactive accordions for a while. With the new technical infrastructure the templates are built on, we can finally deliver them in a way that makes them easy for site editors to create and seamlessly interactive for users, regardless of ability.