Publications & Presentations

Trudeau, Danielle

Publications & Presentations

  • Danielle Trudeau. "A Case Study in Close Reading: Pernette du Guillet's Chanson 7." Modern Language Association. Article. Modern Language Association, (2011).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "La mémoire de la langue. Apologie pour Henri Estienne" Tangence. Article. Vol. 87. Issue summer 2008. Montréal-Rimouski: Tangence, (August 2008). pp.11-30.

    Abstract: In his work on French, Henri Estienne initiates a new narrative on popular language in which everyday speech emerges as the faithful guardian of the intention of language’s first “authors.” The “conformities” he discovers between Greek, Latin and French are quite different in nature from the traditional means used to connect French words with their Latin or Greek etymons: these are structural and abstract resemblances, which suppose mental similarities dating far back to the constitution of language. This approach no longer relies on outward signs of origin—such as those still demonstrating etymological spelling—but on the “patterns” upon which the most usual and obvious expressions are moulded. By thus making everyday speech into a scientific object and a cult object, Estienne’s works laid an essential linguistic milestone of the classical period.

  • Danielle Trudeau. "Pernette du Guillet, Rymes (1545)" Editions Honore Champion. Critical Edition. Editions Honore Champion, (January 2007).

    Abstract: Critical edition of the only book collection left by Pernette du Guillet, one the few female French poets of the Renaissance.

  • Danielle Trudeau. "Langue et économie du savoir au XVIIe siècle." Seventeenth-Century French Studies. Article. Glasgow, University of Glasgow: Seventeenth-Century French Studies, (2006).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Antoine Héroët" Dictionary of Literary Biography. Dictionary entry. Dictionary of Literary Biography, (2006).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "B. de La Borderie, Le Discours du Voyage de Constantinoble (1542)" Editons Honore Champion. Critical Edition. Editons Honore Champion, (March 2003).

    Abstract: This is a critical edition of a travel narrative written in verses and published in 1542 by B. de La Borderie who travelled in Greece and Turkey in 1537-1538. First descriptions in French of Greece and Turkey after the fall of Constantinople.

  • Danielle Trudeau. "Le meurtre execrable & inhumain, commis par Soltan Solyman" Electronic edition. (January 2000).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "L'Apport des nouvelles technologies au domaine de L'edition Critique." Conference. (January 2000).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Socrates' women." Article. (January 1999).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Autour du Discours du voyage de Constantinoble de Bertrand de La Borderie (1542)." Electronic edition. (September 1997).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "B. de La Borderie, L'Amie de court (1542)" Editions Honore Champion. Critical Edition. Editions Honore Champion, (September 1997).

    Abstract: Critical edition and interpretive essay of B. La Borderie's satirical poem that stirred up the "Querelle des amies" in the early 1540s.

  • Danielle Trudeau. "Rejean Ducharme: Retour a la litterature." Book Chapter. (January 1994).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Les Inventeurs du bon usage" Editions de Minuit. Book. Editions de Minuit, (January 1992).

    Abstract: This book studies the development of the notion of bon usage in 16th and early 17th c. French grammars.

  • Danielle Trudeau. "Little language factories: Printers' workshops in the sixteenth century." Article. (January 1992).
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Ronsard côté cour et côté jardin" Article. Vol. 80. Paris: (1989). pp.445-458.
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  • Danielle Trudeau. "La Fortune d'un Pot au lait" Article. Vol. 71. (September 1987). pp.291-312.
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Grand parleux, p'tit faiseux" Article. Vol. 153. (June 1984). pp.3-11.
  • Danielle Trudeau. "L'ordonnance de Villers-Cotterêts: Histoire ou Interprétation?" Droz. Article. Vol. XLV. Geneva: Droz, (December 1983). pp.461-472.
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Langue et Monnaie au XVIe siècle" The Stanford French Review. Article. Vol. VII. Issue 1. Stanford, CA: The Stanford French Review, (April 1983). pp.37-55.
  • Danielle Trudeau. "Léandre et son péché" Hurtubise. Book. Montréal: Hurtubise, (January 1982).

    Abstract: First essay ever published in "langue québécoise" this book criticizes the politics of language of Léandre Bergeron's Dictionnaire de la langue québécoise.