Current Research Interest

  • Cloud Computing and Services, Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS), Test Automation
  • Mobile Computing and Service, Mobile Cloud Computing and Technologies
  • Software Engineering and Service Engineering

Research Interest & Projects

  • Cloud Computing and Services
    • Testing as a Service (TaaS)
    • Engineering SaaS
    • Mobile Cloud Computing and Services
  • Modern Software Engineering Topics:
    • Cloud Testing and Automation
    • Component-Based Software Testing and Quality Assurance
    • Model-based Software Engineering and Testing Methods
    • Service-oriented software production, test, and evaluation
    • Software Test Generation and Automation
  • Modern IT and Wireless Applications
    • Digital Intelligent for E-Commerce
    • Wireless Information Service Systems and Mobile Commerce
  • Wireless Security, Validation, and Evaluation

Thesis and master project supervision

  • 20 theses in topics on Software Engineering, Software Testing, SOA-based engineering, and Wireless Commerce, Cloud Computing.
  • 80 master projects (152 students) in software testing, test automation, and component-based software engineering, cloud computing.
  • 50 master projects (120 students) in IT technologies, wireless commerce and online commerce.