Publications & Presentations

Reyes, Migdalia

Publications & Presentations

Reyes, M., (2004). Al compás de la lucha y la añoranza: Un manual educativo sobre la dependencia del alcohol y otras drogas. Puerto Rico: Editorial Edil (Educational and self-help book on substance abuse for Spanish-speaking Latinos).

Professional Journal Articles
Reyes, M., (1998). Latin American and Caribbean feminist encuentros. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping (A Journal for the Helping Professional), (4), 3 Summer. (pp. 44-49).

Reyes, M., (1998). Latina lesbians, and alcohol and other drugs: Social work implications. Alcohol Treatment Quarterly (16), . (pp. 179-192).

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Brett, L., Gabel, C. & Reyes, M. (1986). Teaching a course about violence against women. Women's Studies Quarterly, Vol. XIII, #3 and 4 Fall/Winter.

Book Chapter
Drabble, L., Eliason, M. J., & Reyes, M. (2010). Meet me at the bar? Patterns of alcohol and drug use among lesbians. In Suzanne Dibb and Patricia Robertson ed., Lesbian Health 101: A clinician's guide. San Francisco: University of California Press.

Reyes, M. (2001). The Latin American and Caribbean Feminist/Lesbian Encuentros: Struggling to Safely Cross the Bridge of our Identities. In Gloria Anzaldua and AnnLouise Keating. This brigde we call home (pp. 44-49). New York: Routledge.

Morales, J. & Reyes, M., (1998). Cultural and political realities for community social work practice with Puerto Ricans in the United States. In Felix G. Rivera and John L. Erlich (Ed.). Community organizing in a diverse society (pp. 75-96. Boston: Allyn and Bacon Publishers.

Reyes, M., (1998). Latina lesbians, and alcohol and other drugs: Social work implications. In Melvin Delgado (Ed.). Alcohol use/abuse among Latinos: Issues and examples of culturally competent services (pp. 179-195). New York: The Haworth Press.