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Ranjan, Rakesh

Publications & Presentations

  • Rakesh Ranjan. "Enterprise Software Platform: A Textbook for Software Engineering Students" (August 2013). pp.224.

    Abstract: Intended for Introductory and Advanced courses in Software Engineering. This book discusses various software technology as part of software platform which enables a software developer to create enterprise grade networked applications. This book is structured into 11 chapters: 1. Introduction to Enterprise Software Platform 2. Operating Systems Overview 3. Databases and Information Management 4. Big Data Analytics 5. Network Protocols and Services 6. Middleware Software Overview 7. Distributed Systems 8. Information Security 9. Cloud Computing 10. Software as a Service 11. Emerging Web Technologies

  • Whei-Jen Chen, John Chun, Naomi Ngan, Rakesh Ranjan & Manoj K. Sardana. "DB2 Express-C: The Developer Handbook for XML, PHP, C/C++, Java, and .NET" IBM Redbooks. Book. USA: IBM Redbooks, (September 2006).

    Abstract: DB2 Express Edition for Community (DB2 Express-C) is a no charge data server for use in development and deployment. DB2 Express-C supports a full range of APIs, drivers, and interfaces for application development including PHP, C/C++, and .NET. In addition, DB2 Express-C V9 contains advanced XML features. DB2 Express-C provides ISVs an ideal starting database server for Web, enterprise, and eBusiness applications. This IBM Redbooks publication provides fundamentals of DB2 application development with DB2 Express-C. It covers the DB2 Express-C installation and configuration for application development and skills and techniques for building DB2 applications with XML, PHP, C/C++, Java, and .NET. Code examples are used to demonstrate how to develop a DB2 application in a different language. By following the examples provided, you will be able to learn DB2 application development with XML, PHP, C/C++, Java, and .NET in a short time.

  • Corinne Baragoin, Rakesh Ranjan, Allison Francois, David Bryant & Jay Kim. "DB2 Warehouse Management: High Availability and Problem Determination Guide" IBM Redbooks. IBM Redbooks, (March 2002).

    Abstract: Using IBM DB2 Universal Database and DB2 Warehouse Manager provides a central point of control for managing data sources, including processes for building and populating data warehouses (or datamarts). The objective of this IBM Redbooks publication is to deliver guidelines for building a High Availability DB2 warehouse environment and to assist with problem determination when using DB2 Warehouse Manager. This book will help you to understand the DB2 Warehouse Manager architecture and components, and to cope with system failures and their consequences. It also provides a set of documentation on the different High Availability techniques you can use when facing database, server, or disk failures. The book discusses a problem determination methodology that takes a customer through various unplanned outages. We explain how to proceed when a problem occurs, how to do problem determination and problem source identification, and how to fix the problem. Included are many helpful hints and tips on warehouse application and performance issues.

  • Rakesh Ranjan. "Test Less Test Right" SSTC . Conference . Systems and Software Technology Conference: SSTC , (May 2011).