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Performing Innovative Research in Inorganic and Polymer Chemistry

Welcome to The Radlauer Research Group, where we enable challenging chemistry through novel catalytic design. Discover more details about our group, its members, and our research.

Synthesis of metal “active sites” supported by single-chain polymer nanoparticles
Enzyme-Like Catalysis Project

Catalysis within polymers: Design and development of synthetic enzyme-like catalysts for highly efficient and selective catalysis

Students on this project are examining how to mimic the macromolecular environment of an enzyme with an organic polymer to achieve effective catalysis.

Cartoon of transition metal catalysts embedded in separate star polymers.
Tandem Catalysis Project

Trying to run two reactions at once: Using polymers to enable tandem catalysis

Students involved in this project are exploring how we can use big molecules, specifically structured polymers, to isolate incompatible catalytic species and allow them to work in tandem.

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