• 04/27/24- Nicole and Dalia give a talk and Dakota, Aracely, Brenda, Victoria, Jacob, Jose, and Sanjana present posters for the 2024 Northern California ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium held at the University of San Francisco. Great going y'all! 


  • 04/19/24- The Radlauer Group takes on the 19th SJSU College of Science Student Research Day. Dakota, Aracely, Brenda, Victoria, Jose, Jacob, and Sanjana presented posters. Nice job y'all! 
  • 04/18/24- Kathleen presents a poster at the Celebration of Research for the RSCA fellowship she has been a part of this year. 
  • 03/17/24- Kathleen gives a talk at the 2024 Spring ACS meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are so proud of you! 


  • 01/12/24- Dalia and Nicole present a poster at the 36th annual CSU Biotechnogy Symposium in Santa Clara,CA. Great job you two!


  • 12/18/23- Mej and Aracely graduate with degrees in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. Congrats graduates!!


  • 11/15/23- We have new group members! Welcome to the group, Sadaf, Mason, Felix, Hannah, Naomi, Nataly, Ruth, Rachel, and Revathi. We are excited to have you join us!
  • 10/17/23- We're featured in the Washington Square magazine highlighting the new Interdisciplinary Science Building. Check out the second floor in the magazine!! The ISB Opens Its Doors
  • 08/24/23- We've got a new group member. Welcome Jose!
  • 08/18/23- Our lab has officially moved to the 2nd floor of the brand new Interdisciplinary Science Building! We have a new lab space and an added workspace for our group members to study.
  • 08/13/23- Mej and Lily present posters at ACS Fall 2023 in San Francisco. Great job y'all!


Lily ACS

  • 07/29/23- We celebrated another exciting summer of research with our annual summer picnic at Houge Park joined by family, alumni, and a cornhole tournment.  
  • 5/25/23 - Brenda, Tony, and Tyeshia graduate with their Master's degrees in Chemistry and Stephanie, Juancarlos, Melissa, Abi, and Chris graduate with degrees in Chemistry, Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry, and Materials Engineering. Congrats graduates!
  • 5/23/23 - End of semester party with taco bar. It was great to celebrate our graduates and the successes of the semester! (Plus, now we know that California Wet Burrito makes a great taco bar.)
  • 5/16/23 - Abi and Lily give a talk and Mel and Kathleen present a poster for the 2023 Northern California ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium held at St. Mary's College of California. Great going yall! 
  • 5/15/23 - We've got a new group member. Welcome Dakota! 
  • 4/28/23 - Kathleen and Mel present a poster during the 18th SJSU College of Science Student Research Day. Their poster got lots of attention from faculty and students alike. Nice job!
  • 3/27/23 - Chris presents his "Towards the Synthesis of Crosslinked Polymer Monoliths with Tunable Porosity and Functionality" poster at the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) national meeting, ANTEC 2023 in Denver, CO.
  • 3/28/23 - Melissa and Santiago present talks at ACS Spring 2023 in Indianapolis in the Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science symposium. Great job yall!
  • 3/26/23 - Stephanie, Abi, and Tyeshia present posters at ACS Spring 2023 during the Division of Inorganic Chemistry poster session.
  • 1/13/23 - Tony and Lily present posters at the 2023 annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in Santa Clara, CA. Great work you two!


  • 12/15/22 - Jen graduates with her degree in Chemistry! Thank you Jen for all you've done for the Radlauer group! JenGraduation 
  • 12/12/22 - The Radlauer group finishes off the fall 2022 semester with an end of semester gathering with some yummy lunch from Lee's Sandwiches. A well deserved break after finals. Good work this semester team!
  • 12/2/22 - The Radlauer group expresses their creativity and art skills in CoS 3rd Annual Door Decorating Contest.
  • 12/1/22 - The Radlauer group welcomes six new members. We're excited to have you join us Aracely, Jacob, Nicole, Dalia, Brenda, and Victoria!
  • 11/08/22 - Radlauer presents research from the group at the Southwestern Regional ACS Meeting (SWRM) in Baton Rouge, LA and couples that with a visit to LSU to meet with collaborators.
  • 11/04/22 - Santiago, Melissa, Juancarlos, and Abi present their research at ABRCMS 2022. So proud of all your hard work! ABRCMS
  • 9/26/22 - The @madradlab creates an instagram. Follow us here!
  • 8/31/22 - We have a new group member! Welcome Sanjana!
  • 7/27/22 - Publication alert! Games for the Inorganic Chemistry Classroom is published in Inorganic Chemistry. Find paper here
  • 7/17/22 - The Radlauer summer research group checks out the corpse flower in the SJSU greenhouse together. What a fun and smelly experience!Corpse Flower
  • 07/10/22 - The Radlauer Group holds their annual summer picnic at Houge Park with a competitive cornhole tournament. Congrats to "Team Winners" for taking first place!
  • 06/06/22 - Kathleen and Santiago join the Radlauer group! Welcome Kathleen and Santiago!
  • 05/20/22 - Lily and Su graduate with their Master's degrees in Chemistry and Katie, Ann, and Sayori graduate with degrees in Chemistry, Forensic Science with a concentration in Chemistry, and Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry, respectively. Congratulations graduates!
  • 04/14/22 - Dr. Radlauer is honored as a recipient of  the San José State University Research Foundation Early Career Investigator Award at the 2022 Celebration of Research. Radlauer is also featured in the ACS news article, Silicon Valley Chemist [pdf]


  • 12/15/2021 - Matt and Zehra graduate with degrees in Chemistry. Congratulations graduates!  
  • 10/03/21 - After a competitive recruiting season, we have 8 new group members! Welcome to MS Chemistry students Tyeshia and Tony and undergraduates Aya, Abigail, Chris, Lily, Mejgon, and Stephanie! So excited to work with all of you!!
  • 08/23/21 - First group meeting of the semester takes place in our new hybrid format with some folks on Zoom and some in the room. Just amazed that everyone could make it for most of the same hour each week.
  • 08/20/21 - Funding notification from the NSF: Our NSF LEAPS grant entitled "LEAPS-MPS: Confinement of Organometallic Complexes within Structured Polymers for Site-Isolated Tandem Catalysis" was recommended for funding!
  • 08/18/21 - Dr. Radlauer's collaboration with d-Orbital Games, SALC: An Orbital Arrangement Game, is available to the public. She will definitely have a copy in the office soon and will be playing it with the Chem 145 (Inorganic Chemistry) students this fall semester!
  • 07/10/21 - The Radlauer and Simocko Groups come together for a picnic at Houge Park after more than a year of not seeing each other in person!

A large group of researchers come together at Houge Park

  • 05/26/21 - Nick and Dillion graduate with degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, respectively. Congratulations graduates!
  • 05/07/21 - Jen presented a poster at the 16th Annual College of Science Student Research Day. Great job handling the online presentation environment!
  • 1/20/21 - A new Master’s student, Brenda, joins the group! Welcome!


  • 12/16/20 - Crystal, Jessica, Vanshika, and Derscene graduate with degrees in Biochemistry, Forensic Science, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering, respectively. It’s tough not to get to celebrate together in person, but we were so happy to celebrate together at our virtual group party!
  • 11/15/20 - Undergraduate Melanie and Melissa join the Radlauer group! Welcome Mel G’s!
  • 5/21/20 - Dana and Tyler graduate with degrees in Materials Engineering and Forensic Science with a concentration in Chemistry, respectively. Congratulations graduates!
  • 3/16/20 - Shelter-in-Place began in reference to the COVID-19 outbreak. The research lab was closed with the help of Vanshika, Derscene, and Thomas.
  • 3/13/20 - Dr. Radlauer received notice that her R15 proposal, “Metallopolymers as Functional Metalloprotein Mimics with Secondary Coordination Sphere Interactions” was recommended for funding by the NIH! This is the group’s first big individual grant.
  • 2/3/20 and 2/5/20 - Crystal and Katie join the Radlauer group! Welcome


  • 12/18/19 - Juan receives his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and Tori and Thomas graduate with Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry. Congratulations! Lucky for us, both Tori and Thomas will be sticking around to do a little more research before they head off to get their PhDs at the University of Minnesota and Iowa State University.
  • 9/7/19 and 9/11/19 - Ann, Jen, and Dillion join the Radlauer group! Welcome!
  • 7/19/19 - It’s official! The NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant “MRI: Acquisition of Gel Permeation Chromatograph with Multiple Detectors to Expand Capabilities for Macromolecular Characterization” led by Dr. Radlauer (with Dr. Simocko, Dr. McNeil (Chemical Engineering), and Dr. Tillman (Chemistry at Santa Clara University as co-PIs) has been funded! This grant will fund the acquisition of a brand new GPC with all the bells and whistles. We can’t wait to get more data!
  • 5/22/19 - Jacob is hooded for his Master's in Chemistry and David, Harris, and Giovanna graduate with their degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Forensic Science, respectively. Congratulations graduates!
  • 5/4/19 - Khanh gave an oral presentation and Jessica, Vanshika, and Derscene presented posters at the 31st Annual ACS Northern California Undergraduate Research Symposium held at Santa Clara University.
  • 4/27/19 - Congratulations to Vanshika for getting 1st place in the Physical and Mathematical Sciences Undergraduate Session at the CSU Student Research Competition hosted this year at CSU Fullerton!
  • 4/25/19 - Jacob was honored at the SJSU Club Sports Awards as the 2019 MVP, Male Athlete for distinguishing himself on the ice and roller hockey teams. Congrats!
  • 4/25/19 - Juan & Tyler, Vanshika & Khanh, and Tori & David presented posters at the 15th Annual College of Science Student Research Day.
  • 4/23/19 - Congratulations to Vanshika and Dana for being honored at the SJSU Celebration of Research!
  • 4/20/19 - Congratulations to Dana for being selected for the Society of Plastics Engineers scholarship and for Best Poster (1st Prize) at the SPE Golden Gate Section Education Expo 2019! Her accomplishments were also featured in their June newsletter.
  • 4/16/19 - Jacob, the first chemistry master's student in the group, presented his final oral seminar to the department. Congrats on a job well done


  • 8/14/18 - David presents his research at the CSU Summer Symposium and Graduate Fair at UCLA.

David at the UCLA Symposium

  • 7/23/18 - Our new MBraun glovebox has arrived!

the mBraun glovebox inside the lab

researcher David poses from inside the glovebox

Researcher Jacob poses inside of the glovebox

  • 4/27/18 - The group has 2 posters at the College of Science Student Research Day led by Jacob and Andrew and Tori and Khanh. Great job yall!

Jacob and Andrew pose in front of a poster presentation

a group of students pose in front of a poster presentation


  • 8/21/2017 Prof. Radlauer's first official day at SJSU