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Welcome to SAVi

The SAVi Center at SJSU uses the power of geography and Geographic Information Science to produce impactful research and professional services to serve our university departments, neighborhood organizations, public agencies and private sector entities in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.


Public Interest Technology University Network - Summer Speaker Series

SAVi; Public Interest Technology - Summer Speaker Series 2022

SAVi is partnering with Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) in PIT summer speaker series. Students will receive a badge for completing courses on basic Public Interest Technology (PIT) topics.

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A new SAVi study assesses high-tech firm location

A recent SAVi study authored by SAVi-codirector assesses the relationships between transportation amenities and high-tech firm location in the U.S. tech clusters.

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Lessons from California for tackling climate change

SAVi codirector's recent op-ed published shares policy insigths for tackling climate change from assessing progressive CA policies  

Featured Project

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Internet Access Map - CA Assembly District 30

This project assessed and visualized broadband availability vis-a-vis the location of those who are in need of broadband access in the Assembly District (AD) 30 communities. In AD 30; according to the Census 2018 estimates, one out of every three people is below 18 years old; who could be a student needing broadband service for the new academic year. A preliminary analysis revealed that the communities with a higher share of vulnerable households in this district are also the areas that have relatively lower broadband access fixed services. This project was done in collaboration with the SJSU Lurie College of Education and resulted in a report and a broadband access web-map which allows users to visualize, overlay and analyze broadband and the location of those who are in need of broadband access. The results of this project enable detailed assessment of the areas that could face connectivity challenges in order to support both public and private sectors, and local communities to work towards closing a digital divide within the AD 30 communities.

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