SAVI Workshops are now free for SJSU students with the support of Mary Brugo endowment, Free Registration Ends on November 5th, 2022

Short-term GIS workshops with BayGeo

BayGeo's GIS Education Center offers short-term, affordable, Zoom-based workshops.

Transportation Amenities and High-Tech Firm Location; a new SAVi research

A recent SAVi study assesses the relationships between transportation amenities and high-tech firm location in the U.S. tech clusters

Compact development and adherence to COVID-19 stay-at-home order; A recent publicaiton by SAVi co-director

SAVi Co-Director in a recent study shows lockdowns did not decrease park visits

Unequal Access to Internet in Central California

Lurie College Case Study Illuminates Unequal Access to Internet in Central California Amid COVID-19

Monterey County Weekly interviewed SAVi co-director

Monterey County Weekly: A San Jose State University research project provides the data to support Assemblymember Rivas’ broadband access proposal.

Published Articles from SAVi Faculty Members

SAVi Faculty members published two articles in the 2021 CSU Geospatial Review