Document Cameras in Zoom

How to Replicate a Document Camera in a Zoom Meeting

As in classroom presentations, it can be beneficial to use a document camera or second camera in a Zoom meeting.  It can replicate the classroom methods of teaching and transitioning easily between teacher view, a document camera and other apps such as Powerpoint.

There are several methods of accomplishing this in a Zoom meeting.

  1. Join the Zoom meeting as a guest from your phone, and share your phone’s screen. Then you can use the phone’s camera as a document camera and share that.
  2. As host, connect your phone to your computer with a cable, and share your phone’s screen. Again, you can use the phone’s camera as a document camera.
  3. As host, connect a second camera to your computer, share it in a Zoom meeting, and use it as a document camera. It can be a webcam, a video camera, or an actual document camera, if available.

Method 1: Use Phone as Guest in a Zoom Meeting

  1. Install Zoom app on phone.
  2. Open Zoom app.
  3. Join Zoom meeting as guest.
    a. Join with Zoom meeting number
    b. Do not join audio
  4. Tap Share Content on Zoom app.
    Image of Zoom tool bar
  5. Use phone’s camera as document camera.
  6. Or share anything on your phone’s screen.

Tip: Before sharing your phone’s screen, turn off notifications:

  1. Settings > Notifications
    Notification Image

  2. Do Not Disturb > 
    Do not disturd setting in zoom

Method 2: Sharing Phone Connected  to Computer as Document Camera


If an iOS device is connected with a cable to a Mac computer, you can share content from that device when you share your screen during a meeting.


To share an iOS device that is connected by a cable to a Mac:

  1. Start or join a meeting.

  2. Click the Share Screen control.
    Zoom tool bar image

  3. Click iPhone/iPad via Cable, then click Share Screen.
    select screen for sharing option

  4. If you do not have a device connected, a message displays instructions to connect your device.Instruction to connect devices

  5. When your device is connected and trusted, and the iOS device screen is on, the screen is shared in the meeting. The phone’s camera can function as a document camera.
    Connected devices image

Method 3: Sharing a Second Camera

Screen sharing a camera input allows for sharing a camera connected to your computer. This will allow using two cameras at once during a Zoom meeting. This is commonly used when needing to share a document camera.  You can use a second camera such as a webcam or actual document camera (if available) connected to your computer.

Here’s how:

  1. In a Zoom meeting, select Share Screen.
    Zoom tool bar  image

  2. Click the Advanced tab.
    Advanced tab in screen share

  3. Click Content from 2nd Camera.
    Select content from second camera

  4. Click Share.
    Share Button

  5. If you need to choose a different camera, choose Switch Camera at the top left of the window.  
    Switch camera


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