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After Friday’s CHRS message went out a number of questions came in regarding the impact to staff, if there was any. I wanted to send this follow up to provide an overview of the known impacts to faculty, staff and student employees. We are still learning about the system and how it differs from our current processes so it’s likely that there will be more impact than what is listed below. We will continue to provide regular updates as we learn more.

The impact to staff will vary depending on role:

Staff in administrative support roles will notice a change in how transactions are submitted to University Personnel. The employee profile will no longer be used. In its place will be online workflow processes and possibly some additional changes that are external to the CHRS system.

Staff in colleges and academic departments will see more extensive changes than those in other departments due to new functionality for temporary academic employment. This new module should help streamline the process, as it includes built-in approvals and workflow.

Additional impacts to faculty, staff and student employees:
  • Look and Feel - CHRS is built in a newer version of PeopleSoft so the look and feel of self-service and other pages is different. This may take some time to get used to.
  • Redesigned Self-service for Employees and Managers/Supervisors - Self-service pages have a drastically different look and have been redesigned to be more user-friendly, including better mobile device compatibility.
  • Notifications for Absence Entries and Approvals - Notifications are built-in to the absence entry and approval processes which means that when an employee keys an absence, the person they report to will be notified to approve it. This will also be the case when a Timekeeper keys an absence for an employee; both the employee and the supervisor will be notified.
  • CHRS ID - The SJSU ID will remain your primary ID on campus and in MySJSU, but every employee will be assigned a new ID in the CHRS system. This will primarily impact those employees who do more than self-service but the new ID will be displayed on various pages, including the CSU ID Search tool. Most employees will not need to know this ID as login information will remain connected to their SJSU ID, as it is today.
  • Reporting - A new reporting solution will be delivered with CHRS, external to the system. This solution acts more like a data warehouse and will be used for the bulk of reporting on employee data. Query will still be available for those who need it, and there will be some reports delivered in PeopleSoft, but the majority of reporting will be done in this new system.
More information can be found on the CHRS @ SJSU webpage including a robust FAQs page that may answer some of your questions. You can also email with any questions or concerns.
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Last Updated Oct 26, 2023