Pre-Clinical Documents

Required Written Documentation

All students must submit to CastleBranch copies of written documentation of each of the following before the first day of didactic class. Students will not be allowed in the clinical setting without this documentation.

  • Current CPR (Level “C” of the American Heart Association), (CPR for the Professional Rescuer from American Red Cross), recertification, completed within two years.
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Copy of the RN professional liability insurance policy (not receipts)
  • Negative PPD or negative Quantiferon blood test within the past 12 months. Chest-X-ray or TB screening follow-up will be required for positive PPD or Quantiferon blood test.
  • Positive titers for Varicella, Rubella, Rubeola, Mumps, and Hepatitis B. If the student’s titer results show a negative or equivocal titer, then the student needs an immunization booster.
  • Completion of the required doses of COVID vaccinations

Background Check

Clinical agencies also require students to have a clear criminal background check and negative urine drug screen (SJSU Policy [pdf]). Please obtain these documents prior to beginning clinical. You will still need to fulfill all the pre-clinical requirements, whether you do practicum at your own agency of employment or not.


Please note that CastleBranch is a vendor that we use for collecting the pre-clinical documents. The vendor also provides background check and urine drug screen services. The website information for CastleBranch can be found in the application form.

Additional Requirements

Some clinical agencies may require additional pre-clinical testing. It will be the student's responsibility to comply with the agency's additional requirements.

Note about Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield

Please note that if you plan to do practicum at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, do not obtain any pre-clinical documents until placement has been confirmed.