Partner Organizations

New placement sites are secured through a two-step process. First, the organization must complete the New Partner Proposal Form and University Organization Agreement (UOA). Second, the SJS4 team reviews the form and UOA; if approved, the organization will be posted to SJS4 (SJSU's academic internship platform). 

Students can only begin a unpaid internship once a fully executed UOA is in place with an external organization or SJSU auxiliary. An UOA is considered fully complete only when a site is approved and then posted to SJS4. Internship placements with SJSU departments/organizations do not require an UOA. 

Note: Partners for service learning placements should visit the Center for Community Learning & Leadership website for further information. 

New Partner Organization Request

Modifying an University Organization Agreement (UOA)

Organizations requiring modifications to the UOA must submit a request in writing (email acceptable) to the S4 Support Team or relevant instructor. A one-dollar requisition must be initiated to generate a Purchase Order that will allow the UOA to be modified. Please contact for further assistance.

Renewing an University Organization Agreement (UOA)

UOAs expire after 5 years (unless modified to be valid for a shorter period of time by an organization). Partner organizations that worked with an SJSU department for an academic internship placement should contact that particular department to renew an expiring UOA. In all other cases, partner organizations should email the SJS4 team at to inquire about renewing a UOA.

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