At SJSU, an internship for academic credit (IAC) is an internship for which a student receives course credit. Students should propose a potential academic internship to the appropriate department personnel (faculty, internship program director, etc.), who will determine if the internship is acceptable and may count for course credit within that department. The University Organization Agreement (UOA) is a legally binding agreement between SJSU, and any outside organization or SJSU auxiliary, of which an SJSU student is doing an internship for academic credit.

All unpaid internships must have an UOA approved before students can enroll the internship course and begin the internship. Students with unpaid internships must work with their instructors to ensure that the placement site is active on SJS4.

Students with paid internships are not required to have a completed UOA, unless the internship is paid via a stipend/grant.

Students in practicums, teacher preparation placements, or clinical placements (such as for nursing, counseling, physical therapy or occupational therapy) are required to have completed MOUs. Do not follow the UOA procedures below. Please contact your appropriate department administrator for details. 

Students in service learning placements should visit the Center for Community Learning & Leadership website for further information. 

Unpaid Academic Internship Procedures

University Organization Agreement must be completed by the proposed internship placement site, and approved by the SJS4 team, before students can begin an unpaid academic internship. 

Modifying an University Organization Agreement (UOA)

Organizations requiring modifications to the UOA must submit a request in writing (email acceptable) to the S4 Support Team or relevant instructor/SJSU department. A requisition must be initiated to generate a Purchase Order that will allow the UOA to be modified. Please contact for more details.

Paid Academic Internships

Students with paid internships are not required to have a completed UOA, unless the internship is paid via a stipend/grant. Students must still complete the Learning Plan and Participation Guidelines and obtain approval from their instructor prior to enrolling in an academic internship course. Students may also be required to provide employment verification if requested by an instructor or internship program director.

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