Schedule Production

The production, or Schedule Build, of each term class schedule by session type (regular, intersession, and special sessions) is a critical component of each academic department and colleges planning process. The Academic Scheduling Users Group (ASUG) discuss best practices for the Schedule of Classes and University Lecture Room usage.

State-Support Classes

Self-Support Classes

Guidelines & Analytics

To support student success and effective resource management, strategic class scheduling requires adherence to university guidelines.

To match student demand and resources to classes offered and monitor registration, review the Academic Planning Tools from Ad Astra. These tools allow us to make data-driven decisions regarding the course schedule and classroom utilization to provide our students with access to the necessary courses to improve retention rates, graduation rates, and student success. 

Teaching Spaces

SJSU has 160 University Lecture Rooms (ULRs), 70 College Managed Lecture (CLEC) Rooms, and nearly 500 College Managed Teaching Laboraties (TLABs).

AS&SM allocates ULRs for classes primarily and subsequently for academic events (no food/drinks allowed) sponsored by SJSU departments. Student Organizations are allocated spaces through the Student Union Event Management Team.