Make an Appointment at the CHHS SSC

How to Make an Appointment

In the College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS), you will generally meet with two kinds of advisors: GE advisors and Major advisors. The CHHS Student Success Center (SSC) is staffed by GE advisors. To see the difference in services offered between GE and major advising, you can visit our Services page. This should help you identify what kind of advisor to speak with. If you want to speak with a GE advisor in the CHHS SSC, please follow instructions below so we can respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. You may choose one of the following two options: 

Note: Graduate students seeking advising assistance should contact their home department. Your department is best suited for graduate level advising. If you are seeking International Experience advising, however, please call the CHHS Student Success Center.

No Show Policy

The CHHS Student Success Center follows the Spartan Connect policy on no-show appointments. Advisors will mark students that fail to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment as a no-show. Students that cancel appointments within 2 hours of the start time of that appointment will automatically be marked as a no-show. Students who are marked as a no-show for 3 or more scheduled advising appointments cannot make future appointments on their own for 120 days. Students that are blocked from making their own appointments may contact our front desk for assistance. 

Cancellation Policy

Students can cancel up to two hours before the start of the appointment. They can email their advisor, call or email the Student Success Center front desk, or cancel via Spartan Connect. 

Change of Major 

Are you interested in applying to change your major into or within the College of Health and Human Sciences? You will not be able to make these appointments through Spartan Connect. For more information, please visit our Change of Major page.