Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Program

The RSCA Reassigned Time Program is designed to support Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activities (RSCA) productivity. The program supports tenure-track (probationary) and tenured faculty in the form of up to three weighted units of assigned time per semester.

The process has changed from previous years in an effort to reduce the administrative requirements on faculty members.

Category A - Probationary faculty whose contractually-awarded RSCA AT expires in Spring or Fall 2022 must register to receive this award for the first time in 2022-23.

Category C - Currently tenured faculty members who have not been on the RSCA AT program may apply to receive this award for the first time in 2022-23.

Probationary faculty members who are on the RSCA AT program and are up for tenure and expect to receive positive tenure decisions in August 2022 (formerly referred to as Category B) are no longer required to register or apply. Faculty members who will attain tenure in August 2022 will be automatically registered in the RSCA AT program and will receive confirmation shortly after tenure certification.

You can find details about the RSCA Assigned Time on the Office of Research and Innovation website. You may also refer to the RSCA Assigned Time Program FAQ.

Application or registration materials will be submitted to Laurie Drabble, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty by email: laurie.drabble@sjsu.edu. Please also copy Joanne Delamar, Executive Assistant to the Dean: joanne.delamar@sjsu.edu. Please feel free to contact Laurie Drabble (at the email above) if you have any questions.

Applications from tenured faculty and registrations from tenure-track faculty will be due by March 17, 2022 by 5pm. (See below for copies of the forms).

Tenured faculty applications will be reviewed by the Dean and both Associate Deans. (See below for evaluation rubric). The final decision of which eligible faculty will receive assigned time through the Faculty RSCA Assigned Time program will be made by the Vice President of Research and Innovation (VPRI) in consultation with the Provost, weighing the Dean's recommendations. The VPRI and Provost may, at their discretion, review the Dean's recommendations and process to assure that the selected faculty members' RSCA productivity meet university-wide standards.

Annual and 3-year reports

Faculty who had tenure when they started their RSCA AT program in AY 2019/2020 (Cycle 2) must submit a formal three-year report this year. All other probationary and tenured faculty currently participating in the RSCA AT program must submit an annual report. You will receive an email from the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty with an invitation to submit an annual or three-year report.