Apply to Guardian Scholars

GSP Participant Eligibility

To be eligible for the Guardian Scholars program, you must be:
  1. A student who is admitted to SJSU
  2. Enrolled at least part-time (6 units) at SJSU
  3. A current or former youth who experienced Foster Care or identify as
    • Dependent/Ward of the Court
    • Under Legal Guardianship
    • AB12 Eligible
    • Independent Student Status as determined by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.
  4. GSP applicants must have a complete application that includes
     a dependency or ward of the court letter to verify that you were in care.

    *EOP acceptance is no longer required to apply to Guardian Scholars.


Submit your interest form here for Spring 2024: GS SPRING INTEREST

Cal State Apply Help Center and Technical Support for any application questions or difficulties:

If you are having difficulty obtaining any portion of the GSP application by the deadline, please reach out to us asap: