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  • Specific policies that represent a change from prior CSU GE guidelines include:
    • With few exceptions, it requires freshmen to complete GE Areas A2 (written communication) and B4 (mathematics/quantitative reasoning) in their first year of study.
    • It broadens the definition of mathematics/quantitative reasoning to allow a more diverse set of courses to meet GE Area B4.
    • In addition to traditional mathematics courses in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, GE options may now include quantitative reasoning courses geared toward specific majors, personal finance, and computer science courses. The change allows students more flexibility in completing their bachelor’s degrees, and more opportunities to apply mathematical and quantitative reasoning to the world around them.
    • Transfer credit policies have been clarified so that GE certified courses or programs completed at any CSU campus shall meet GE requirements at any CSU campus. This policy applies to both lower- and upper-division GE course requirements.

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