General Education Classes

Finding Your Ideal Courses.

A well-planned GE program provides you with the skills you need to excel in your major program of study. Students can find classes that meet General Education requirements that in some cases double count with major requirements by following these five steps:

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Step 1 - MyPlanner Interactive Tool

This interactive tool in MySJSU is for undergraduate students to map their entire academic path to graduation. Students can see and interact with major requirements, transfer credits, and more.

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Step 2 - Review Courses in the Academic Catalog

Next, you'll want to review the list of General Education courses in the most recent Academic Catalog. Courses that satisfy General Education (GE) can vary based on your Catalog Year.

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Step 3 - Use the MyScheduler Tool

The MyScheduler Tool is an easy way to create your ideal schedule. Once you choose your courses, you can view them, compare them, organize them, create breaks, and customize your schedule to suit your needs.

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Step 4 - Schedule an Advising Session

You can schedule an advising session with your major advisor at the college academic advising center. If you want to find your major advisor, you'll want to go to your specific college or school's page (i.e. the College of Business) and find your advisor's contact information there.

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Step 5 - Visit MySJSU

Once you log in to your MySJSU, you will be directed to your Student Center. Under the Academics header, you will see the word "Search" which will allow you to search the class schedule to register for a class. You can use the "Additional Search Criteria" to search for GE classes being offered in a GE category, as well as the current enrollment status information. Please remember your registration appointment and register for classes as early as possible, since GE courses fill very quickly.

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Find classes at Cal State Online

You can find and register transferable, online classes at Cal State Universities and California Community colleges that count for credit at SJSU. You'll easily search and filter over 70,000 online class offerings to find the right one for you that fits your schedule and helps you graduate faster.

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Monitoring Your Progress

Keep track of your degree progress by regularly running your Academic Requirements Report on MySJSU. The report will have the latest enrollment changes, grades, transfer credit evaluations, and advisor-approved adjustments.

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