COVID-19 Vaccination

Page last updated June 1, 2022

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Vaccination Information - All Campus

On December 22, 2021, the CSU announced that all CSU campuses will require students, faculty and staff accessing university facilities to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot to remain in compliance with the CSU’s vaccination policy. This updated policy also applies to auxiliary employees, volunteers and other unpaid appointments. 

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

Students, faculty, staff, auxiliary employees, volunteers and other unpaid appointments who access campus and other SJSU facilities and have not verified they are fully vaccinated will be subject to mandatory COVID-19 testing. You will be removed from testing protocols if you self-attest and provide documentation that you are fully vaccinated. This mandate applies to all employees, represented and non-represented.

Testing will occur on campus — or at off-campus worksites, if applicable — at no cost on a weekly basis. Individuals who provide proof that they are fully vaccinated will not be required to undergo testing. Exemption from vaccination is not an exemption from testing. Those failing to test when required to do so will be subject to formal consequences.

Optional COVID-19 Testing for All Campus

The university is currently offering a free weekly testing clinic on campus. Visit the COVID-19 Testing Information page for information on asymptomatic testing. 

SJSU Mask Policy

Masks or face coverings must be worn by everyone while inside campus facilities or in a shared vehicle for a university-sponsored activity. The only exception is if you are in a private office alone with the door closed or when you are eating or drinking. 

In addition, individuals who are not fully vaccinated are also required to wear a mask when conducting field research tasks requiring interactions, and when outdoors and it is not possible to maintain six feet of physical distance from others. 

Exceptions to the above for unvaccinated individuals are: 1) When alone in a vehicle while conducting a university-sponsored activity; 2) When alone in a private office with the door closed; 3) If work cannot be achieved safely with a mask in place; or 4) If an individual has an approved accommodation.

Vaccination Verification Process - All Campus

All students, faculty and staff must verify their vaccination status to comply with the CSU vaccination policy. Auxiliary employees as well as volunteers and other unpaid appointments are also subject to this policy.

Students: Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements page for information on how to upload your vaccination information or to apply for an exemption.

Employees/Auxiliary Employees/Volunteers and Other Unpaid Appointments: Visit SJSU @ Work to input your vaccination information or apply for an exemption.