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MIS Core (Required) Courses

BUS4 092 - Introduction to Business Programming

Employed Python programming (loops, branching, file access, and error handling) and teamwork skills to develop a notebook-based project to access and analyze data from the web.

BUS4 110A - Fundamentals of Management Information Systems

Leveraged Google Collab and Python data analytics libraries to analyze 10,000 sales records and make value-added business recommendations. Designed an AI-powered solution for a social problem and developed a pitch presentation for industry professionals.

BUS4 110B - Systems Analysis & Design

Conducted an analysis and design of a web store project. Created a baseline project plan and analyzed client requirements. Developed data flow and use case diagrams in LucidChart. Completed the logical design of the database, studied the UI/UX aspect of the web design and proposed an AWS cloud system architecture. 

BUS4 111 - Networking & Data Communications

Applied TCP-IP Hybrid/OSI framework, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to design wifi and physical networks using a wifi-inspector, Archiplain and Lucidchart. Visualized and tracked network packets using Wireshark. Encrypted files using AES 512-bit using Veracrypt to enhance file security. Learned how to navigate the dark web and safeguard against online fraud and phishing attacks. Completed the Juniper Networks Certification training program. 

BUS4 112 - Database Management Systems

Designed efficient relational database models that meet business needs by applying entity-relationship diagrams, data modeling, and data normalization. Developed database schema, SQL queries, and stored procedures using MySQL Workbench, data warehousing, business intelligence, and data mining. Familiar with business applications of NoSQL database, big data, MongoDB and the need for transaction management, concurrency control, back-up, disaster recovery, and database security.

BUS4 119A - Practicum in MIS

Employed Agile / Scrum methodologies to develop a value-added information systems solution for a real-world client while effectively managing project scope, risk, time, cost, quality, human resources, procurement, and client expectations. 

BUS4 119B - Business Strategy & Information Systems

Leveraged research, problem solving, team management, and communication skills to develop a Digital Transformation business case analysis and technology solution plan to help drive profitable revenue growth for a non-tech savvy SMB challenged by larger competitors.

MIS Electives (Pick 2)

BUS4 118B - Business Intelligence

Developed visual analytics business performance management (BPM) interactive dashboards with Tableau to track performance against planned goals. Performed Python predictive analytics applying supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, including simple and multiple linear regression; logistic regression; cluster analysis; association rules mining (market basket analysis); decision trees; and sentiment analysis using text mining to various business use cases. 

BUS4 118D - Big Data

Wrangled and analyzed data using Apache Spark, SQL, Jupyter notebooks, and visualized the results using Tableau. Leveraged teamwork skills and Jupyter notebooks to tell the data story that our analysis revealed regarding a realistic business question based on a large dataset from a social media company. 

BUS4 118I - Digital Innovation

Qualitatively analyzed ethnographic user interviews to identify a local social problem. Designed a conversational agent solution employing IBM Watson Assistant and other IBM services. Evaluated system usefulness and effectiveness via user interviews and presented the final project to industry judges. 

BUS4 118S - Special Topics in MIS: Cloud Computing for Data Professionals

Created virtual machines (VM) in the Microsoft Azure cloud and installed a web server and applications. Set up a network security group (NSG) to securely access VMs through a command line interface (CLI) and browser. Created an Internet-accessible blob storage container. Provisioned an Azure SQL (relational) Database, an Azure Storage account for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2, Azure Files, and Azure Tables, and an Azure Cosmos DB database for non-relational data. Prepared for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, AZ-900, and Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam, DP-900.

BUS4 118W - Web Based Computing

Programmed client and server-side business applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developed a business website by applying UI design principles and wireframes. 

BUS4 118S - Special Topics in MIS: Applied Machine Learning 

Coming Fall 2023!

Other options

BUS5 181 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship, TECH 171 - Network Security & Prevention Management, and other technology courses on a case-by-case basis.