1. Schedule an appointment to meet with your business advisor to check in. This appointment will be to refresh and review your outstanding degree requirements, which includes reviewing pending study abroad transfer credit, applying for graduation and SJSU course work you are enrolled in for the upcoming semester.

  2. ALL courses taken abroad require that you submit an Academic Approval Form to the Study Abroad Office.  Please refer to the Pre-departure section - step 4.  

    Study abroad transfer credit will not be posted unless all of the courses you took abroad have been accounted for with a signed Academic Approval Form.

  3. It can take at least 2-3 months for your study abroad transcripts to be sent to SJSU and for study abroad transfer credit to be posted. Once you see on your unofficial transcript that your study abroad transfer credit has been posted, schedule an appt. to meet with your business advisor. Your advisor will review your study abroad transfer credit and update your MyProgress report as needed.

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