Three students posing for the picture in Rome

  1. Are you interested in studying abroad? Visit the SJSU Study Abroad website and follow the instructions on the “Programs” tab, specifically those under the “Go Long!” tab.

  2. Attend a study abroad information session to learn about eligibility requirements, different study abroad programs, the application process and deadlines, etc.

  3. After attending the study abroad information session, you should be able to:


    - Identify the term in which you plan to study abroad. Please note that we strongly discourage studying abroad your final semester with the exception of a Faculty Led Program.

    - Research the school(s) abroad of your interest.

    - Understand the application process, minimum admission criteria and deadlines for your specific program.

  4. When selecting the school abroad, research what types of courses are offered at that university.  For example: 

    A. Business courses - Core and Concentration

    Jack Holland Student Success Center (JHSSC) advisors will only review business course equivalencies.
    ECON 1A, ECON 1B, Math 71 and BUS3 186 or PHIL 186 course equivalencies are reviewed by the appropriate department.

    B. General Education (GE) courses

    The Associate Dean of Office of Undergraduate Education , will only review GE courses. 

  5. Once you have identified 1-2 universities where you wish to study abroad, you are now ready to book a 30 minute appointment  to meet with a business advisor. 

    A. During this first appointment, the advisor will: 

    Review your outstanding degree requirements, review appropriate courses/requirements for you to take abroad, identify your expected graduation term, and review the process and instructions on how to submit study abroad course equivalency documents for review.
    You will need to be a declared business student before you can be approved to  take courses equivalent to the business major while studying abroad.

  6. Once accepted into a study abroad program, schedule an appointment to meet with a business advisor to submit the documents required for a study abroad course equivalency to be reviewed. Please see instructions on how to put together your study abroad course equivalency packet [pdf] (PDF). 

  7. To ensure an efficient appointment session, you must have all documents prepared when you come to the appointment or you will be required to reschedule. It is your responsibility to provide ALL of the required documents such as the course syllabi from the school abroad, upper division/lower division information, credit conversion information, etc. for the business advisor to review before they can submit the study abroad course equivalency document to the course coordinator for further review.
    Study abroad course equivalency reviews are completed in an appointment, not during drop-in advising. It can take 3-6 weeks for a study abroad course equivalency to be reviewed by the course coordinator, so plan accordingly. 

  8. Once a business advisor has submitted a study abroad course equivalency for review, you must continue to work with the same advisor throughout your entire study abroad process and until graduation. This prevents a delay in the processing of your documents.  You may not switch to a different advisor.

  9. Plan to submit at least six to eight different study abroad course equivalencies for review if you are planning to study abroad for a semester; and more if you are planning to study abroad for a year. Getting as many courses approved as possible before you go abroad will decrease stress and the uncertainty of course schedules overlapping, courses approved not being available when you are abroad, etc.
    Schedule additional study abroad course equivalency appointments with your business advisor as needed, as the study abroad equivalency process will require several appointment sessions prior to you leaving abroad. 

  10. Keep track of all of your study abroad documents, such as business checklists, study abroad course equivalencies, academic approval forms, etc. for your records in an accessible folder or drive in case you have questions for your business advisor while you are abroad. This will also help with having a more organized and efficient appointment session.

  11. Each approved study abroad course equivalency will have a signed Academic Approval Form that your business advisor will provide to you if it is for a business course, or from the Associate Dean of Office of Undergraduate Studies, if it is for a GE course. You will provide all Academic Approval Forms to the SJSU Study Abroad Office.

  12. Go abroad! Enjoy your experience!