Panetta Institute Congressional Internship in Washington DC

Panetta Interns 2012

A scholarship for a fully-funded fall-semester internship in Washington is available to SJSU students through the Panetta Institute. Student leader with a strong academic record and a commitment to public service may apply. Each fall semester, the Panetta Institute for Public Policy in Monterey, provides selected California students with an intensive two-week training course on the workings of the U.S. Congress, then sends them to Washington, expenses paid, for 11 weeks of service to a California member of the U.S. House of Representatives. While in Washington, students attend special seminars with government leaders, journalists and policy experts. 

Applicants for the Panetta Institute Congressional Internship in Washington DC [pdf] should submit the following to the Associate Dean by March 25, 2022:

• A resume

• A transcript

• An essay describing one's interest in the Panetta Institute’s Congressional Internship Program

• A graded essay from an SJSU class (minimum 3 pages)

• A list of three SJSU faculty references

Click here [pdf] for more information

Past Recipients 

Britney Ortiz, 2021
Fernanda De Velasco Jimenez, 2020
Deysi Rocha, 2019
Edwin Sevilla, 2018
Jessica Tanner, 2017
Kathy Tran, 2016
Afshin Najafi, 2015
Andy Tokarek, 2011
Loretta Sanchez
John Gomez (MPA), 2009
Loretta Sanchez
Joel Bridgeman, 2007
Barbara Lee
Joel VanderVeur, 2006
Zoe Lofgren
Michael Bernier, 2005
Fortney "Pete" Stark
Mark Vanni, 2004
Lois Capps
Zane Arpan, 2003
Jane Harman
Laura Enderton, 2002
Mark Bono
Craig Murphy, 2001
Buck McKeon
Ron Johnson, 2000
Zoe Lofgren
Eric Bradford, 1999
Sam Farr