Joint MS Science Education/Single-Subject Credential Program


Students interested in working towards completing the MS Science Education and Single-Subject Credential programs concurrently are encouraged to begin both programs in the fall. Since the MS program only accepts new students in the fall, this allows students to move through both programs with efficiency, and allows for maximum savings in fees. 

To speak with an advisor in the Single-Subject Credential Program, please contact Teacher Education in the College of Education. As you advance through the credential program, steps need to be taken to ensure you are awarded both degrees on time. In the final semester of your credential program, you will need to submit a form requesting a transfer into the Science Education MS program. This form will be processed immediately following the conferral of your credential, but must be submitted early in the final semester of your credential in order to allow for GAPE processing times. You will also submit a candidacy form at the same time as your transfer form. The Science Education graduate coordinator can help you with these forms. Following the completion of your credential program, you will be considered a graduate student, and therefore, different tuition and fees are calculated.