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Dr. Tammie Visintainer is featured in the NSF Community for Advancing Discovery Research in K-12 Education (CADRE) spotlight.

Dr. Visintainer's NFS CAREER project, CAREER: Transforming Science Teaching and Learning through Empowering Teachers and Students as Climate Justice Action Researchers and Change Agents, is featured in the NSF Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE) spotlight on climate science education.



Dr. Cassandra Paul and collaborator David Webb's article is featured in Physics Magazine.

A study of university-level physics classes by SJSU Science Education Professor Cassandra Paul and collaborator David Webb shows that changes in course structure can help to eliminate grade gaps between student groups with different races, ethnicities, or genders. Paul and Webb find that allowing exam retake options, and teaching concepts first can improve outcomes for students while also decreasing course grade equity gaps. Their work was featured in Physics Magazine.

Physics Magazine

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Nearly $7 Million Dollars in Federal Funding Awarded to SJSU Researchers for STEM Education & Scientific Research

In the new online edition of SJSU NewsCenter Dr. Cassandra Paul, Professor of Physics and Science Education, talks about the $1.178 million from the NSF to explore how partnerships between STEM faculty and undergraduate learning assistants (LAs) can enable sustainable institutional and classroom transformation.

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