Academic Integrity

Student Conduct and Ethical Development promotes academic integrity through enforcing the Academic Integrity Policy [pdf] (University Policy F15-7).

Pursuant to the Academic Integrity Policy, all allegations of cheating and plagiarism should be referred to Student Conduct and Ethical Development by completing our Academic Integrity Reporting Form.

Do You Suspect Academic Dishonesty?

  1. Confront the situation discretely and arrange to meet with the student.
    • Contact and inform the student that you have evidence indicating an act of academic dishonesty (cheating or plagiarism) may have occurred.
    • You may want to consult with the department chair to discuss the range of possible academic sanctions; you may also consider inviting another faculty or department chair to the meeting with the student.

  2. Meet with the student to discuss the alleged cheating or plagiarism.
    • Allow the student to review the evidence and provide an explanation.
    • Take notes of the meeting. Did the student admit to the dishonest behavior?
    • Use a preponderance of evidence standard to determine whether or not cheating or plagiarism occurred.
    • Communicate your finding and the academic sanctions assigned (in accordance with 4.0 of the Academic Integrity Policy) to the student.
    • Document the conversation and inform the student that you are required to refer this case to Student Conduct and Ethical Development.
    • If a face to face meeting is not possible, contact the student via phone and/or e-mail to hear the student’s perspective on the case.
    • If more than one student is involved in the case, we recommend that you meet with each student separately.

  3. Complete the Academic Integrity Reporting Form. Attach the following information in the Supporting Documents section:
    • Course syllabus
    • Copy or original of assignment
    • Highlight the areas of alleged academic dishonesty on the student’s assignment and source of dishonesty (e.g., report).
    • If multiple sections of alleged dishonesty exist, match the assignment and source of dishonesty with corresponding numbers
    • Any additional documentation such as website printouts, test copies, etc.


If you have any questions regarding academic integrity, contact Student Conduct and Ethical Development by phone 408-924-5985, or send email to