Basic Needs

The Office of Sustainability is dedicated to supporting the university mission of enriching the lives of our students. One of the ways we do that is by collaborating with SJSU Cares to help provide basic needs.

The Office of Sustainability and SJSU Cares partnered to establish the Clothes Closet, a resource for SJSU students. The Clothes Closet initiative was designed to help alleviate two major issues: massive waste generated annually by discarded clothing and students unable to meet their basic needs. SJSU Cares, through California State Assembly Bill 74, was able to secure a one-time $5,000 grant for this new on-campus resource, while the Office of Sustainability was able to establish partnerships with local non-profit organizations to provide a steady source of used clothing in good condition and new surplus items such as underwear and socks. The more our campus can help students meet their basic needs, the more students are able to focus on their academic success. The Clothes Closet is housed in the Office of Sustainability in Mod F and open to all SJSU students and staff. To make an appointment, click here.