Asian & Pacific Islander Alumni Network

Founded in 2024, the Asian & Pacific Islander Alumni Network (APIAN) strives to provide opportunities for Asian & Pacific Islander (API) alumni to continue their connection with SJSU or re-engage and create a new sense of belonging and Spartan pride as they reshape and have a positive impact on the SJSU experience for current students. APIAN fosters strives to build a network and relationships between SJSU alumni, students, and the broader community surrounding SJSU. APIAN has 7 core purposes it strives to achieve and provide to its members: Networking, Alumni Engagement, Scholarship Fundraising, Professional Development, Cultural Exchange, and Advocacy. Come be a part of our community and join us in connecting with one another, advocating for current and future SJSU API students, and exploring what it means to be a Spartan beyond your time as an SJSU student!

Mission Statement

The Asian & Pacific Islander Alumni Network (APIAN) is dedicated to creating a dynamic and interconnected community of San Jose State University (SJSU) Asian & Pacific Islander (API) alumni as well as those who support the SJSU API community. Our mission is to serve as a lifelong resource for alumni and current students, providing a supportive platform for professional growth, cultural celebration, and impactful contributions to both the university and the broader community. Through collaboration and shared experiences, we aim to build lasting connections that transcend geographical and generational boundaries.

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